10 Tips to Buy the Best Two Person Kayak for Fishing

Gone are the days when two friends would share a single fishing kayak to do their angling. Now, with the market full of different 2 person fishing kayaks, it can be a challenge to make the right choice for yourself and your friend. The right two-person fishing kayak will make your excursions more enjoyable and productive.

We will help you learn what factors to consider when choosing a kayak, where to buy them from, and more. This article will provide 10 essential tips to help you buy the best two person kayak for fishing. We will also review one of the top-selling fishing kayaks, including features and specifications. With this guide, you can be sure to find the best fishing kayak for your needs! So read on and get ready to go out on the water with your perfect two-person fishing friend! 

What Is a Fishing Kayak?

A fishing kayak is an ultra-versatile craft that enables anglers to explore waterways with pinpoint accuracy. Offering amazing maneuverability, a kayak is perfect for finding tight spots inaccessible by other forms of transport. With a wide range of different models and designs available, it is easy to find the perfect vessel for your type of fishing. Plus, with the addition of accessories such as rod holders, fish finders, and live wells, anglers can spend more time fishing and less time preparing for a successful outing. Furthermore, all kayaks are super easy to transport and store, making them a great option for the on-the-go angler.

How Many Types of Fishing Kayaks?

Best Two Person Kayak for Fishing

The best two-person kayaks come in a few main styles: sit-on-top and “sit-inside”, inflatable and pedal kayaks, etc… Let’s discuss each type in detail:

1) Sit-On-Top:

Sit on Top Fishing Kayak jpg

Sit-on-top models feature a large, open cockpit with plenty of storage. They are stable, easy to get in and out of, and great for calm waters and small waves. This type of kayak helps anglers stay dry while fishing since it avoids the wet paddling of a Sit-In kayak. Also, they are extremely easy to transport and store when not in use.


  • User-friendly and comfortable
  • Stable and easy to transport.
  • Relatively low cost
  • Self-bailing, which means it will stay dry due to scupper holes.


  • Paddling with a sit-on-top kayak ensures you will get wet sometimes.

2) Sit-Inside:

Sit in fishing Kayak jpg
Man Kayak fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.RM

Sit-inside models feature a closed cockpit with bulkheads that keep feet and legs out of the water. These styles offer greater protection from wind, waves, and sun than sit-on-top models. Furthermore, they offer higher speed capabilities and tracking ability. They are perfect for those who want to explore long distances, angling in choppy and white waters.


  • Greater protection from the elements
  • Good speed and tracking capabilities.
  • keep dry while paddling.
  • Easy to use.


  • Sit-inside kayaks can hinder freedom of movement and complicate the recovery process if flipped, as water will seep into the cockpit!

3) Pedal-Driven Kayaks:

These models feature an adjustable pedal drive that enables hands-free propulsion. This makes them ideal for anglers who need their hands free for fishing tackle or a camera. Furthermore, they come with extra features such as rod holders and live wells. Their stability makes them great for trolling, casting, or fly fishing. However, they tend to be more expensive than other types of kayaks due to the complexity of the drive.


  • Hands-free, efficient propulsion
  • Highly stable and easy to maneuver.
  • Additional features, such as rod holders and live wells


  • More expensive than other types of kayaks due to the complexity of the drive. 

4) Inflatable Kayaks:

Inflatable Fishing Kayak jpg
Kayak fishing at lake. Fisherman caught pike fish on inflatable boat with fishing tackle.

Inflatable kayaks are great for anglers who do not have space or time for a traditional hardshell model. They offer portability, convenience, and performance that rivals of hardshell models without compromising on comfort or stability. In addition, they come with all the same accessories as regular styles, including rod holders and live wells. Furthermore, they are incredibly easy to store and transport when not in use.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Accessories such as rod holders and live wells are included.


  • Can be less stable than hardshell models. 

What Are the Benefits of Fishing Kayak?

kayak 1 jpg

Fishing kayaks offer a range of benefits to anglers. Here are some of the most important ones:

1) Greater Mobility & Stealth:

Kayaks are much more agile than boats, allowing anglers to explore areas of the lake or river that may not be accessible with a boat. Furthermore, they offer greater stealth as their low profile and quiet operation allow them to sneak up on fish without alerting them.

2) Cost-Effective:

Anglers on a budget can benefit from fishing kayaks since they are far more affordable than boats. Furthermore, they require fewer maintenance costs and do not require any registration or licensing fees. Taking a kayak out fishing can also save you money on gas that you would normally spend on longer boat rides, allowing you more time to focus on fishing. Also, since the fishing kayak is small enough to store at home or in the trunk of your car, there is no need for expensive dock rentals or storage fees. 

3) Fun & Exciting:

Fishing kayaks offer the ultimate outdoor adventure! They provide an exciting yet peaceful way to explore the outdoors. Paddling these small watercrafts allow anglers to get closer to where the fish are biting, giving them a unique opportunity for a successful day on the water. Kayaks also allow anglers full control of their movements as they paddle through areas with low-hanging branches, under bridges, and over shallow waters – all of which can’t be reached in bigger boats. Most importantly, fishing kayaking is just plain fun. It’s an activity that requires little experience and still packs a ton of excitement, making it accessible for all ages!

4) Get Closer to Nature:

Fishing kayaks are an excellent way to get up close and personal with nature. They allow anglers to take in stunning views of wildlife, landscapes, and stunning sunsets while fishing in the open waters. Additionally, since they are smaller than boats and can access shallow areas that larger vessels cannot reach, anglers may find themselves surrounded by birds, fish, and other wildlife. This can be a wonderful way to truly appreciate nature while catching some dinner at the same time!

5) Improve Your Fitness:

If you are looking to improve your overall fitness, then fishing kayaks are a fantastic way to do it. Paddling can be an intense workout that helps you get in shape and allows you to enjoy nature while increasing your heart rate. Furthermore, since they require minimal maintenance and upkeep, anglers can use their time on the water to focus on their technique and physical fitness goals without having to worry about costly boat maintenance.

6) Travel On a Dime:

Fishing kayaks are lightweight and portable, making them the perfect vehicle for adventurous anglers who do not have the time or resources to make a traditional boat trip. They can be loaded up in the trunk of your car, strapped to the roof of an SUV, or even taken on a plane, depending on where you choose to fish. This makes it easy to take a fishing kayak with you wherever your travels may lead.

Where To Buy a Fishing Kayak?

Many options are available if you are looking to buy a fishing kayak. You can find them at most outdoor stores, sporting goods shops, but the best way to buy is online. Additionally, if you are looking for something more specialized or custom-made, many kayak manufacturers offer various customization options that allow anglers to customize their boats according to their needs and preferences.

10 Tips for Buying the Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak:

the Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak3

1. Size Matters: 

Ensure you choose a two-person fishing kayak that is the right size for both of you. A wide range of sizes is available on the market, so pick one that fits your needs perfectly. Consider factors such as weight capacity, width, length, and cockpit space when shopping around. However, you should always allow enough room for both people to be comfortable and have sufficient legroom.

2. Seat Comfort: 

Kayaking is a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can also be uncomfortable if you don’t choose the right boat for your needs. Look for adjustable seating (so everyone can find their perfect fit) and padded or adjustable footrests. Also, look at cup holders and other storage options to make life easier while you are out on the lake. Not only will these features make your fishing experience more enjoyable, but they will also help keep you safe by ensuring you’re not uncomfortable while casting your line.

2. Weight Capacity: 

the Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak4 jpg

Before finalizing your purchase, consider how much weight your kayak can manage in total without compromising performance and safety. Consider the maximum payload limit listed in the spec sheets before purchasing your two-person fishing kayak. Also, consider the size of the cockpit, as it needs to be roomy enough for two people to fit adequately with all their gear.

3. Stability: 

The stability of a kayak is essential to keep you and your companion safe while on the water. Buy a model that offers features like wider hulls and catamaran-style designs, as these will make it easier to stay upright in choppy waters. The right material can also help increase the stability of your fishing kayak. Look for models made from fiberglass or polyethylene, as they offer good buoyancy and stability on the water.

4. Buoyancy: 

Buoyancy is an essential factor when it comes to purchasing a two-person fishing kayak. Look for models with built-in flotation devices like air chambers or foam blocks to help keep you afloat in case of a capsize. This is especially important if your kayak has been overloaded.

5. Hull Design: 

The hull of your two-person fishing kayak can affect its performance in the water. Always choose a fishing kayak with a flat-bottom design and shallow ‘V’ shape, as these are ideal for tracking straight on calm waters and cutting through choppy waters. You should also consider whether you prefer an open deck design or a closed cockpit, as this will affect your ability to stand up when fishing.

6. Portability: 

If you plan to take your two-person fishing kayak with you on trips or transport it frequently, consider its portability before investing in one. After all, if you want to take your kayak on long trips or carry it with you easily, it needs to be lightweight and easy to transport. Invest in straps and handles so you can securely anchor the vessel on your roof rack, and make sure it’s equipped with rods and storage spots for gear and electronics. Once you have a portable kayak, your outdoor adventures will have no limits!

7. Durability: 

If you want to use your two-person fishing kayak for years to come, it needs to be durable. Make sure the vessel’s exterior is made from high-quality materials like polyethylene or fiberglass, as these are highly resistant to wear and tear. If you are looking for an even more resilient boat, consider investing in a model with a Kevlar or carbon-fiber hull. This way, you can be sure your kayak will last through many outdoor adventures.

8. Price: 

Your budget is a key factor in choosing the right two-person fishing kayak. Consider all the features offered by the model you are looking at, and make sure you aren’t paying for features you won’t need. You can often find great deals on second-hand models if you are willing to research, but ensure you get a quality and performance guarantee before investing in any used product.

9. Warranty: 

When investing in a two-person fishing kayak, consider the warranty that comes with it. Look for models that offer at least 2 years of coverage, as this will ensure your purchase is protected and you can enjoy your boat worry-free. Additionally, make sure to read up on the product specs and conditions before buying to understand what kind of repairs or replacements may be covered by the warranty.

10. Accessories: 

Finally, consider the accessories needed to make your two-person fishing kayak complete. Try to find the best fishing kayak that comes with all the essential equipment you need, such as paddles, life jackets, and fishing rod holders. Additionally, check for features like adjustable footrests and storage compartments to make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable.

 With the right accessories, your two-person kayak will be ready to take on your next fishing adventure! Now that you know what to look for when buying you next kayak, let me suggest the best kayak that correspond to our criterions for the best fishing kayak, so, here’s my favorite fishing Kayak:

The BKC TK219 12.2′ Tandem Fishing Kayak W/Soft Padded Seats (Amazon’s Best-Selling Fishing Kayak)

the Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak5 jpg

Ready to get out on the open waters? A tandem fishing angler kayak is just the thing you need! This 12.2′ sit-on-top kayak can take two or three people along for a peaceful cruising experience. Whether it is oceans, lakes, or rivers, you’ll be able to save your adventures with a remarkable 595-lb capacity. Take the whole family out – adults, kids, and youths and explore!

This sleek yet sturdy kayak has plenty of convenient features that will make your time on the water even more enjoyable. It is designed with a large cockpit that offers 2 watertight hatches, so you have peace of mind even in rough conditions. The special “W” hull shape is made for both seated positions and standing action, so your time will not be limited.

Additionally, there are 2 adjustable aluminum paddles and 2 customized seat backpacks to carry along with extra gear, along with 6-rod holders already built-in and an anchor trolley for position setting. Furthermore, the 4 tracks rails provided are perfect mounting spots for any fishing rodsholders (or other accessories) you might want to bring aboard.

Simply put, this tandem fishing angler kayak makes a great partner for all your aquatic escapades – whatever they may be! Not only does it offer comfort throughout the day, but its lightweight build means it is easy to move around as well as quickly store away when not in use. So, if you are looking for a reliable vessel that’ll get the job done, look no further! This tandem fishing angler kayak may just be what you need.


  • Tandem fishing kayak for 2 or 3 people.
  • Sit on top design is stable and comfortable.
  • 595 lbs capacity can handle a lot of gear.
  • Ocean Lakes Rivers kayak is perfect for any environment.
  • 6 rod holders for the best fishing
  • Tracks rails allow for mounting of accessories.


  • Brand: BKC
  • Item Weight: 68 Pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Grey Camo
  • Style: Classic


  • Comfortable padded seats
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Robust design for rough waters
  • Plenty of room for two people and gear


  • Requires assembly before use. 
the Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak6 jpg


Are fishing kayaks good for long distances?

Yes, many fishing kayaks are designed for long-distance paddling. Look for models with adjustable footrests and comfortable seating to ensure you can travel those longer distances without getting tired.

Can I use a two-person fishing kayak solo?

Yes, you can use a tandem fishing kayak solo. However, you may find maneuvering the kayak and your gear difficult without an extra set of hands. If you plan to go out alone, we recommend investing in a single-person fishing kayak for better balance and control.

Are two-person fishing kayaks safe?

Yes, most two-person fishing kayaks are designed with safety in mind and feature adjustable footrests, storage compartments, and secure hatches. Make sure to check all safety features before taking your kayak out on the open water.

How do I store a two-person fishing kayak?

Two-person fishing kayaks can be stored in any variety of ways, such as inside a garage, in an outdoor shed, or even on top of the car. Make sure your kayak is properly secured to prevent it from shifting during transportation.

Do I need additional accessories for my two-person fishing kayak?

Yes, you may need to invest in a few extra accessories, such as an anchor trolley, rod holders, and paddles. These items could come in handy depending on where you are fishing and what type of fish you are targeting.

Can I use my two-person fishing kayak in saltwater?

Yes, many two-person fishing kayaks are designed for saltwater and can safely navigate through the ocean’s waves. Always double-check with the manufacturer to ensure your vessel is fit for saltwater before setting out on your adventure!

What type of kayak is best for ocean fishing?

Sit-on-top kayaks are the best option for ocean fishing, such as the Ocean Lakes Rivers tandem fishing angler kayak. This type of vessel is more stable and offers plenty of storage space to organize your gear. Plus, with its built-in rod holders and tracks rails, you will always have a reliable and safe spot to store your rods and other accessories.

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Buying the best 2-person fishing kayak can be a fun and cost-effective way to bond with a friend and enjoy nature. There were fewer things to consider when looking for one in the past, but now that kayak technology has evolved, it pays to have an inkling of what available options suit your requirements the most.

 It is especially important when considering space, durability, weight capacity, type of fishing, and price. Our article has given you a list of ten tips on how to purchase the perfect 2-person fishing kayak for your needs. If you are still not sure about which one to buy, I encourage you to look at the model I have included in this article as it is one of the best and most reliable fishing kayaks on the market.

 So, if you want to get ready for your next adventure on the briny waters, then follow our guide and buy the best 2-person fishing kayak to fit your budget and lifestyle today! If you think I forgot something or if you simply want to share a story or some advice, feel free to leave your comment below.! Be safe and Happy paddling!

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