Lightweight 2 Person Backpacking Tent-Our 3 Top Choices

In this article, the best 2-person backpacking tents are discovered and selected based on in-field testing of tent durability, weather resistance, and comfort. Weight, price, and other qualities are also taken into account.

Getting out on the trail with a backpacking tent might be as easy as utilizing an existing tent. But if it is too large or heavy for hiking, it may be time to look for a new one. Most two-person tents can accommodate two average people.

I’ve also used a lightweight 2 person backpacking tents while traveling with my dog to ensure we all had enough space to sleep comfortably.

While all of the tents on our list are fantastic alternatives, they each offer advantages and disadvantages. Each one meets the demands of different backpackers, from ultralight to cold-weather packers, as well as novices or those on a low budget.

Following 2-person backpacking tents are the tip of the iceberg regarding camping tent options. Let’s see our best options below:

Lightweight 2 Person Backpacking Tent1

The Marmot Crane Creek Tent comes in two sizes for two and three people, and its weight falls in between backpacking and camping tents, making it quite adaptable and suited for both.

This is a freestanding dome design that you may pitch on any terrain and then move and rotate, but remember to stake it down. The tent has two layers: an inside tent and a full coverage fly.

Weight-wise, they are adaptable tents that fall in between standard camping and backpacking tents. The pack size of 22 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches (56 x 14 x 11 cm) allows you to carry it in any manner you like, such as tied to a pack, bicycle, motorbike, kayak, and so on.

In terms of seasons and environment, this tent is a two-season tent, suitable for summer and autumn. This is due to the large amount of mesh, which will not keep you warm if used in a cold area.

Everything about this tent gives off an air of quality construction. It has two mesh doors with long zippers that may be rolled to the side and secured with toggles. Two vestibules have central zippers that allow you to roll them to the sides. You may also roll just one flap on a vestibule while using the other as a windbreaker; this is useful for cooking.

Its poles are aluminum 7000 series, and there are three of them. Two main poles create the typical X-shaped self-supporting dome structure of this tent. One short brow pole spans them, and the inner tent is attached, making the doors upright. This also increases the amount of headroom in the tent.

With a lot of mesh within the tent, there should be no problems with ventilation. You also have vents in the vestibules that are supplied with Velcro stiffeners and may be left open at all times. You may also partially unzip vestibules to allow for extra ventilation.

Special Feature: Waterproof, Lightweight, Rainfly


Occupant Capacity: 2

Design: Camping Tent

Material: Aluminum

Recommended Uses For Product: Backpacking, Camping & Hiking

Product Dimensions: 86″L x 50″W x 43″H

Seasons: Fall/Holiday

Lightweight: The Crane Creek tent’s 2-person model is lightweight, making it ideal for backpacking and other outdoor trips when weight is an issue.

Easy Setup: The tent has an easy setup procedure, vital for travelers who want to set up camp quickly and effectively after a long day of backpacking.

Durability: Marmot is famous for creating tents made of high-quality materials and artistry. Crane Creek tents are built to endure adverse conditions and offer strong shelter.

Weather Protection: The tent has a waterproof rainfly and sealed seams to remove rain and moisture. This is critical for keeping the tent pleasant and dry during bad weather.

Interior Space: The Crane Creek tents have vertical walls that help elevate inner space. This feature may give more headroom and a more comfortable living space than tents with sloping walls.

Vestibule Space: This tent contains vestibules, which provide extra storage space outside the sleeping area. This helps to arrange the sleeping space and lets you store wet or muddy things outdoors.

Price: Marmot tents are frequently considered superior quality, at a higher cost. While you pay for durability and performance, the price may be an obstacle to budget-conscious travelers.

I’ve tried the Marmot Crane Creek 2P backpacking tent, and it provides sturdy construction, a simple setup, and great weather protection. Its internal space is comfortable, and the ventilation is excellent.

The vestibule is useful for storing equipment. Despite its slightly bigger packed size, this tent is preferred for backpacking. Crane Creek tents are popular for camping trips due to their favorable features.

Lightweight 2 Person Backpacking Tent2

The Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 is ideal for budget-conscious 4-season backpackers who want to maintain performance and quality. While it’s not the lightest or most roomy choice on the market, this tent is reliable and comfy without breaking the bank.

The Cloud Up 2’s design, materials, and performance are more than enough for the price. It will keep you secure and dry in severe weather and is really simple to set up.

This tent will keep you dry in most weather circumstances thanks to its waterproof covering that can withstand up to 3000mm of water. However, 3000mm will be enough for the majority of wet days. Ensure you recoat your tent with a waterproof layer after each rainstorm.

Its frame is built of robust aluminum, which surpasses featherweight carbon fiber poles in cold temperatures. Considering this is a low-cost, entry-level tent, the Cloud Up 2 is quite sturdy.

The rainfly is thick for its weight, with completely taped seams, and the attached groundsheet will keep your tent floor free of rips and tears. Use your groundsheet, routinely respray with a waterproof coating, and set up the tent carefully to make it endure many camping trips.

While the Cloud Up 2 is not a pop-up tent, the setup is easy and quick. Because of its hub-style poles and quick-clip construction, most backpackers can put up this tent in minutes.

Add the extra guylines to keep the rainfly from flapping at night (the rope comes with the tent). This flapping may keep you awake and carries water from the rainfly to the inside tent.

With a weight of 2.1 Kilograms, this tent is suitable for hiking. It’s heavier than you’d want for a long-distance through hike, but it’ll suffice for a few nights on the trails.

The Naturehike Cloud Up 2 is an excellent tent prioritizing mobility, durability, and price.

Sport: Backpacking, Camping, and Hiking Mountaineering

Occupancy: 2 Person

Shape: Rectangular

Waterproofing: Yes

Season: 4 Season

Item weight: 2.1 Kilograms

Color: Forest Green-Upgraded(20D Nylon)

Pole material type: Aluminum

Affordability: Naturehike tents are often less expensive than other manufacturers, making them accessible to a broad spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts.

Lightweight: These tents are built for hikers, using lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down on your travels.

Easy Setup: Many Naturehike tents offer simple and quick setup methods, which is important after a long day of backpacking.

Variety of Options: Naturehike provides various tent options to select, whether you value room, weight, or weather resistance.

Waterproofing: Some Naturehike tents have waterproof rainflies and taped seams to provide excellent rain and moisture protection.

Compactness: Many of their tents fold up tiny, making them ideal for travelers with minimal pack space.

Ventilation: Depending on the model, ventilation may be restricted, possibly resulting in moisture buildup within the tent during humid conditions.

I like how this tent is simple to set up, inexpensive, and reliable in wet weather. It makes the outdoors more accessible, regardless of money or camping expertise. Its user ratings are highly favorable, one of the most important factors I consider when purchasing a new gear. 

Lightweight 2 Person Backpacking Tent3

If hiking or camping in the wilderness, you will need a quality tent to keep you safe from the elements.

This tent features a single D-shaped entrance with a mesh top inside, and the polyester bathtub and rainfly are stronger than I imagined. The rainfly and the higher-profile bathtub are both fairly durable and waterproof.

It has plenty of air circulation due to its three air vents, two on top and one on the lower back. There will be no humidity or wet patches inside the tent. I’m looking forward to utilizing it to stargaze on clear summer evenings.

Both zippers, one on the tent and one on the rainfly work smoothly and don’t clog while opening or closing, making getting in and out of the tent for a late-night toilet break a breeze. Its four corner pockets and retractable mesh pocket are also wonderful.

This 3-season 2-person tent is fantastic. It not only has features seen in higher-priced tents, but it’s also simple to put up, weighs under 6 pounds, and ideal for first-time backpackers/campers on a budget.

Special Feature: Ultralight, Tall

Brand: Clostnature

Occupant Capacity: 2

Design: Camping Tent

Material: Polyester

Recommended Uses For Product: Backpacking, Camping & Hiking, Mountaineering

Product Dimensions: 87″L x 59″W x 46″H

Seasons: 3 Season

Color: Orange

Sport: Backpacking, Camping & Hiking, Mountaineering, Hiking

Lightweight Construction: As the name implies, the tent is lightweight, making it ideal for backpackers and hikers who emphasize minimal pack weight.

Simple Setup: This tent have a simple setup procedure, enabling users to pitch their shelter after a hard day of trekking.

Affordability: Clostnature often provides low-cost solutions, making their tents affordable to a broad spectrum of outdoor lovers.

Weather Resistance: The tent has a rainfly and sealed seams to keep rain and moisture out, guaranteeing a dry and comfortable inside.

Good ventilation: Mesh panels and vents are often used in similar tents to improve airflow and decrease moisture accumulation, resulting in a more pleasant sleeping environment.

Durability: For weight savings, several lightweight tents, particularly affordable models, may lose long-term durability. Users may need to take precautions to avoid wear and tear.

I’m constantly looking for new outdoor gear to make my time on the trails simpler and more fun. So, when I got the opportunity to try the Clostnature 3-season 2-person tent on Amazon, I put it to the test on a 3-day 45-mile section walk and was happily overloaded. It is not only lightweight but also fast and simple to set up.

For the price, I was expecting fewer features often seen in higher-priced equipment. I heartily suggest this 2-person tent to anybody on a low budget or just beginning on their backpacking/camping experiences.

Lightweight 2 Person Backpacking Tent4

Here are some important factors to consider while shopping for a new two-person tent. These should all be considered against your particular needs, including the circumstances in which the tent will be used and the sort of trip.

The tent’s length, the walls’ angle, and the headroom are all important considerations. If your sleeping bag rubs up against the walls, condensation may cause it to get moist. Sharply angled walls limit living space, and being unable to sit up is unpleasant.

Raised flooring might be bulky and restrict headroom. The uppermost inner sections should extend enough so that both people may sit up comfortably.

Car camping tents, such as pop-up and the best rooftop, are large and unwieldy. Even the smallest versions might weigh more than five pounds per person. The finest recreational tents weigh under three pounds per person, with some ultralight (UL) models only one pound.

With hiking tents, there is generally a balance between weight savings, durability, and price. Backpackers planning short journeys may choose a heavier version, while those planning long days may benefit from a lightweight model.

A 2-person tent is preferred for those above 5’10” since a one-person tent is too small for their load and gear. Larger people often choose two or three-person tents to provide enough leg space. However, there might be significant variances in headroom height amongst tents.

Because silicone-coated materials are light and durable, they make excellent flysheet materials. PU-coated ones are bulkier for the same quality and do not last as long, but they are less expensive.

Polyester stretches less than nylon when wet but is not as robust. Silicone on both sides of the clothing minimizes moisture absorption and drying time while improving fabric life. Some materials include silicone on the exterior to keep rain off and PU on the inside to allow seams to be taped.

Breathable nylon or polyester are suitable interior materials for repelling moisture drips and keeping winds out. In warmer weather, these materials may get rather hot; hence, optional mesh doors are recommended. Mesh inners are cooler, but wind may blow through them, and they don’t keep dampness out as effectively as solid fabric.

Groundsheets must be heavier than flysheets and have a larger hydrostatic head. Some manufacturers recommend placing a footprint under a thin groundsheet.

Most 2-person tents on the market are standalone, meaning that after you snap poles into grommets, you’ll have a good idea of how the finished structure will appear. However, staking out the tent will often significantly enhance your useable floor area. Freestanding tents are an excellent alternative for first-time buyers since they need less thinking during the first setup.

Yes, the ordinary 2-person tent is big enough to accommodate two people. But you should be extremely comfortable with each other since it is very close. Most two-person tents are only around 7 feet long and 4 feet broad, with others significantly bigger.

That often leaves barely enough space in the tent for two ordinary people to sleep side by side and practically no room for belongings. Save room by keeping gear in the vestibules while sleeping with a partner inside a two-person tent.

Most camping and hiking sleeping pads fit within a two-person or one-person tent. Consider a tent floor or floor mat sleeping pad if you need a pad large enough to cover the whole base of a two-person tent. Buy a floor mat from the same brand as your tent, or one developed exclusively for your tent type to ensure a comfortable fit.

The weight limit for a backpacking tent is determined by your hiking style and how you are comfortable carrying. When carrying a tent for two people, you may get away with a bigger tent since the weight is shared. Most 2-person backpacking tents weigh between 2 and 6 pounds, although they may be heavier, particularly if they are 4-season tents.

Ultralight tents have grown increasingly popular and are preferred by many hikers; however, the optimal tent weight depends on your planned usage, hiking style, and group size.

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The best 2-person backpacking tents are light, robust, and spacious enough to accommodate two people. Finally, the best tent relies on your tastes, intended activities, and budget.

Consider the aspects that are most essential to you, such as internal size, simplicity of setup, weather protection, and total weight. Considering these variables, you could find the ideal ultralight 2-person backpacking tent that enriches your outdoor adventures while keeping your load light.