About Myself

Hello Everyone.!

Eric is my name, I have two important roles in my life. I am a father and a husband, a family-oriented person
and I love to hang out with family and friends. My best time is when I go on outdoor trips with my family. At a younger age I was living in the eastern part of Canada and have been working for a few companies, from building simple home projects to working on industrial refrigeration projects. I have learned a lot from those years.The reality was that my girlfriend and I had a common dream…. we wanted to live where Nature, mountains and lakes would surround us.

So We Did The Big Move.!

We moved to the Kootenays in British Columbia where we were surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

Then it hit me.!

I knew I had to do it. First thing I realised is that everyone I met was an Outdoor Lover, be camping, fishing, hiking, etc… After a few talks and researches we decided to open a small store for all of us “Outdoor Lovers”, a store where people could get and share information on the area like camping site locations, fishing lakes and creeks, hiking trails, hunting, safety tips, etc… and of course a store where they could buy their outdoor gear… but also a store where they could stop for coffee and share their stories and experiences and of course brag a bit.!

My wife and I spent most of our free time looking for new trails to try while always staying alert as you can imagine that an encounter with a deer is a lot safer than one with a grizzly.

This adventure has been memorable for over twelve years, then for family health matters we had to sell the store and move back east. But I can guaranty one thing… my passion for the Outdoors never left me, it is stronger than ever, this is why I created this website.

Here at “The Outdoor Lovers” my mission is to help people by sharing my experience and knowledge for their favourite outdoor activities and providing them useful info on the products and accessories they need for their outdoor activities.

Cheers everyone…Eric & Sylvie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Outdoor Lovers