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Many boaters become exhausted fast while using hand-cranked winches to load their boats onto trailers. Since you are a boater, you may have difficulties loading your boat yourself, which will take up a significant amount of your time and effort. As a result, it is essential to get the best electric trailer winch for boat trailers to make the loading and unloading process a lot easier.

An electrical winch may save you time and your back and shoulders by eliminating the need to crank the boat onto the trailer. It is beneficial for everyone.

Electric trailer winches for boats are popular nowadays, but choosing the appropriate one might be difficult with so many options. If you need to know what to look for. This article will explain how to choose the best electric trailer winch for boats that will give you hours of pleasure with your boat. For you folks that would like to jump directly to my suggested 3 trailer winches, you can do so by clicking HERE.!

What Are Electric Trailer Winches for Boats?

A motorized mechanism used to manually load and unload boats from a flatbed, often on a hard surface, is known as an electric boat trailer winch.

The most significant advantage of utilizing an electric boat trailer winch versus manual loading or unloading is the amount of time it may save.

An electric boat trailer winch will significantly enhance your loading and unloading times if you operate one independently.

Another significant benefit they have over mechanical ones is that they are gentle on your hull finish. Manual systems may leave scrape marks. However, electric systems will be OK as long as the ramp height and width is appropriately adjusted.

Are Electric Winches Better Than Manual Winches?

A winch is essential since it may pull your car out of a jam, or your boat out of the water. This mechanical gadget is quite helpful due to the many jobs it may assist you with. Electric and manual winches are the two types of winches available. Electric winches are ideal since they allow you to avoid the hard part of the activity.

An electric winch needs a power source, while a manual winch requires human operation. You can use your physical strength and use a manual winch, making it a helpful tool. But an electrical winch will provide an easier and safer working environment and make the job easier. Because of their efficacy and efficiency, electric boat trailer winches are better than manual winches.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Winch For A Boat Trailer?

An electric boat trailer winch is designed to pull your boat off the water and set it back on the trailer. It is timesaving, particularly if you don’t have a winch. An electric winch has several benefits that will make it much simpler and easier for you to load and unload your boat.

Electric Trailer Winch For Boats


The simplicity of installation is one of the essential advantages of an electric winch. This winch is powered by an internal electric motor. When installing an electric winch, you don’t need any special tools; install the winch onto the trailer and connect the motor to the power source(Battery), and you’re ready to go.


Most people choose electric winches due to their efficiency and speed up of operation. It has enough power to load and unload your boat off the trailer without difficulty. An electric winch provides superior performance and requires less effort due to its efficiency.


You can effortlessly move this winch to another boat trailer. Reinstall the winch and attach on to another trailer and you’re set. You will see that reinstalling an electric winch is easier than reinstalling a hydraulic winch(not used often), which is somewhat tricky.


Although the initial cost of acquiring an electric winch is significant, it is more cost-effective in the long term. An electric winch offers low running expenses compared to other winches.

It means you will not pay any more fees once you have this winch, making it very cost-effective. You will also notice that electric winches come in various styles and sizes to fit your budget. Regardless of your budget, you may discover a nice electric winch that meets your demands at a fair price.

Noise Operation:

An electric winch is ideal since it makes less noise while in use. It guarantees no disturbance, allowing everything around you to work smoothly. The silent functioning of an electric winch makes it one of the most sought-after winches on the market.


This winch assures safety since it has features that allow you to use it safely. An electric winch has preventive measures to keep you safe while working on your boat. When utilizing an electric winch, the chance of an accident is reduced.

Buying Guide To The Best Electric Boat Trailer Winch:

Electric Trailer Winch For Boatguide

There are two options for loading a boat onto a trailer at the ramp. There’s power loading, which is illegal on many ramps. The other option is to use a trailer winch, which will make things easier with a larger boat.

However, motorized trailer winches will help you a lot with loading. They operate well with both bunk-style and all-roller trailers. Here are some factors to consider before buying an electric trailer winch for the boat.

Boat Weight:

Choose a trailer winch that can support at least the boat’s weight—many models with single-cable capabilities range from 4,000 to 11,500 pounds. Pulley-block assemblies with two cables increase the pulling power.

Power Delivery:

You can attach a battery to the trailer tongue by using a battery box, but you’ll need to charge the battery before you hit the road. The battery from the pulling vehicle may be used to power the winch and will be charged as required.

Cable Or Web Strap:

Most electric winches include high-strength web straps. At the same time, many other winches brands make their cables out of stainless steel. Both materials perform well and are theoretically equivalent in strength and durability.

Remote Options:

Some electric boat trailer winch models come with wireless key fob remote controllers. Remotes allow you to stay further from the cable or web strap, which may cause significant damage and injuries if it breaks under strain.

Solid Mount:

When recovering a boat, electric winches are subjected to a lot of strain. Thus, they must be firmly through-bolted with Graded bolts to a full steel plate with backing washers.

Cable Or Strap Orientation:

Check that the cable or strap is fed under the bow stop or roller. It permits the boat’s bow eye to tighten up immediately below the bow stop.

Hand Crank:

Some electric winches have a hand crank in case the battery dies, allowing you to winch in the boat by hand.

Freewheel Vs. Power-Out:

When launching the boat, specific winches include a clutch release that allows you to freewheel the cable. If you desire greater control while launching the boat, some winches enable you to unwind the cable without the motor help.

My 3 Suggested Best Electric Trailer Winches For Boat:

1. Goldenrod Electric Trailer Winch 3000LBS:

Suppose you want to invest in a high-quality electric boat trailer winch with a strap. In that case, you should only trust well-known and reputable companies. This electric winch is a fantastic piece of equipment renowned for its rigid design and one-of-a-kind quality.

This winch is superior to others in its class since it has a release lever that allows you to adjust the pace at which the vessel rolls off during unloading. Aside from that, it may immediately draw the boat back onto the trailer.

It is pretty strong and can handle boats weighing up to 9000 pounds. To boost endurance, the Goldenrod Electric Trailer is made of corrosion-resistant materials. It also has heat-treated gears, which will help it survive longer than most others. It is solidly made and long-lasting.

On the other hand, remember that this winch does not seem suitable for use on carpet trailer bunks, and installation may be a little tricky, particularly for novices.

Finally, if you want a winch for a vessel trailer well worth the money, you may acquire this type. Even though it has a high price tag, you can see its exceptional features that make unloading and loading a less difficult chore for you to cope with.

It comes with a wiring harness that is long enough to connect everything. Take the time to examine it. You will see that it has many advantageous characteristics that are absent from competing options.

Electric Trailer Winch For Boat1


•   Item Weight: 19.5 Pounds

•       Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 10.75 x 9.13 inches

•       Warranty: 2 years


•       Designed for 9,000-pound vessels

•       Mechanical and dynamic brakes

•       Supports freewheeling, powering in, and powering out

•       Wiring harness, strap, and emergency crank handle

•       Three-position rotary switch


•       Installation is a little difficult.   

2. Bravex Electric Winch:

When it comes to electric winches, the Bravex is among the finest due to its speed and efficiency. The winch has been upgraded to include a reversible mechanism and up to 30% more power than comparable electric boat winches. Its Direct Current technology makes it simple to attach.

This winch comes with a wired remote control, which helps to minimize work during operations. It is designed so that you may operate productively from the unit. It also provides an excellent view of your boat when loading onto the trailer.

It can handle boats weighing up to 6,000 pounds and has a wired remote control. The Bravex Electric Winch’s strong motor offers fantastic features that make this equipment a top performer. One of its best features is that it can operate in electric or manual modes.

The Bravex Electric Winch also makes very little noise, which neighbors will like.

This winch has a contemporary brake mechanism that is very dependable and aids in the prevention of accidents. Finally, this winch is multifunctional in that it may be used to pull cars or other things.

Electric Trailer Winch For Boat2


•       Item Weight: 24.4 pounds

•       Dimensions: 16.3 x 12 x 11.5 inches

•       Warranty: 2 years


•       Silent operation

•       A quick and dependable electronic braking system

•       Pulling capability of 2,000 pounds


•       There is no manual cable release.

3. Champion Power Equipment:

Whether pulling a boat or a trailer, this Champion Power Equipment 12090 2000-lb Trailer Utility Winch Kit will get the job done wherever you go.

This winch kit has tremendous performance and all the attachments you need for a simple winching experience, making it ideal for loading or unloading a boat or ATV onto a trailer or just getting unstuck on the go.

This flexible winch is driven by a 0.3-horsepower (12-volt) DC motor and has a rated line draw of 2000 pounds, a marine-rated line pull of 5000 pounds, and a rolling-rated line pull of 6000 pounds. If you need to operate your winch manually, Champion has you covered with the integrated hand crank.

This winch’s 3-stage straight-gear drive mechanism can pull boats up to 18 feet in length, and it can pull a line at a pace of 1.7 feet per minute when fully loaded and 4.5 feet per minute when not. Easily attach your winch to your boat trailer, truck bed, or trailer ball hitch without any tools with the help of the 2-inch hitch adapter plate.

Use your winch, then remove and store it effortlessly without any complicated processes. Transporting this winch is made even easier with the integrated carry handle. Twenty-foot battery cables make connecting the winch to your car a breeze, and a portable remote control switch allows you to operate the winch up to ten feet away.

Even when utilized in severely abrasive terrain such as rocks, mud, or sand, the sturdy 30-foot by 1/5-inch galvanized super-duty aviation cable is less prone to fraying. You may buy this model with assurance since a 2-year limited warranty and FREE technical assistance for life from Champion Support and our nationwide network of service facilities back your purchase.

Electric Trailer Winch For Boat3


•       Item Weight: 22 pounds

•       Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches

•       Warranty: 2 years


•       Have 20-foot battery cables

•       Provides heavy duty winching power for boats

•       Easy to use


•       Last less than 2 years


1. Who Is The Best Manufacturer Of Boat Trailer Winches?

Among the top brands are Goldenrod, Champion Camco, PowerWinch, Bravex, Megaflint, and Dutton Lainson. These suppliers of high-quality boat trailer winch provide a wide range of options to meet a variety of budgets.

2. How Should A Boat Trailer Winch Be Sized?

When loading or unloading a boat onto a trailer, having the correct size winch may make all the difference. It may save you time and money while keeping you and others safe. The most essential is to size the winch based on the weight of the boat rather than its length. The winch maximum pulling weight capacity should be more(25% higher) than the boat.

Ensure the boat weighs at least 3/4 of the winch’s maximum capacity. For example, if the boat weighs 1,500 pounds, the winch’s maximum capacity should be 2,000 pounds. And to be even safer, we suggest increasing the boat’s weight to be on the safe side. If your boat weighs a thousand pounds, you go for a winch that can handle two thousand pounds.

3. How Much Weight Can A 2500-Pound Winch Tow?

A 2,500-pound trailer winch can tow a boat weighing up to 1,875 pounds. However, this is not an absolute amount since it is affected by various factors, including whether you are dragging a boat from an incline or in the water. The total capacity is also determined by the material of the strap and its general quality. To be specific, We suggest that you contact the vendor.

4. How Big of a Boat Trailer Winch Do I Need?

More powerful winches with longer cables are required for longer and heavier boats. As a general guideline, choose a winch with a rating capacity of at least 2 times the combined weight of the fuel, vessel, and gear.

Take into attention that such a regulation may vary depending on various elements related to your vessel and the place where you want to launch it.

5. How Do You Install And Use A Boat Trailer Winch?

For newbies, setting up a winch might be intimidating. Read the handbook since the instructions may differ based on the product’s design. In most circumstances, however, the following steps must be taken:

•       If there is already a winch, remove it first. Disconnect the wires, remove the strap, and discard the old nuts.

•       When you’re finished installing the new winch, double-check the holes. Check that they are aligned. Otherwise, a new boat trailer winch support or bracket will be required. Drill depending on the patterns of the new winch’s holes.

•       Insert the winch into the trailer arm. Use the required nuts and bolts to secure.

•       The strap or cable is not yet fitted in specific versions. Install it on the winch drum if that is the case.

•       Put the boat trailer winch to the test. Check to see whether the straps are moving by cranking the drum. Push the button on an electrical winch to observe whether there is any action on the drum.

•       Once the winch is in position, attach it to the boat using the supplied hook.

6. How Can I Replace A Winch Strap?

The boat trailer winch strap is susceptible to deterioration due to repeated exposure to UV radiation and seawater. If it needs to be replaced, follow these steps:

•       The first and most critical step is to choose the appropriate strap. Take into account the material, breadth, length, and load. The maximum breaking load should be at least 20% of the boat’s overall weight, including all loads.

•       Remove the old strap. Loosen the bolt or nut that is holding the strap in place. Pull the strap once it is free.

•       Take out the bolt and check it for damage. Replace it if it shows significant indications of wear.

•       Clean the winch drum and inspect for rust or corrosion. Install the replacement strap after cleaning. Wrap the strap around the drum.

•       Finally, lubricate the new strap with mild grease.

7. How Can I Safely Use A Boat Trailer Winch?

Below are some of the most critical safety considerations when using a manual or electric boat trailer winch:

•       Begin by reading the handbook and following the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Stick to the weight capacity.

•       Never use the winch to secure a boat to a trailer. Instead, utilize a bow, gunwale, or other material that is expressly made to serve as a tie-down.

•       Make sure the winch line does not rub against any sharp edges, and it will reduce chafing and extend its useful life.

•       When employing an electric winch, start the towing vehicle’s engine. It will help with battery conservation.

•       When the winch drum is in motion, you must keep your hands off the wire rope, cable, or strap. Excessive pressure might cause your fingers to ache or shatter.

•       Don’t focus on the winch; keep an eye on the ramp. Check that it is robust enough to support the boat’s weight when loaded and unloaded from the trailer.

•       Inspect the line, drum, handle, and any other components regularly. If there is any indication of damage, treat it promptly.

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Any boater would be wise to invest in the best electric boat trailer winch. It will not only make landing your boat faster and safer but also spare you from damaging your back, arm, or shoulder by eliminating the need to crank the boat into the trailer.

A high-powered boat winch will provide excellent value for money, and the best ones are sturdy and should last long.

Make a well-informed decision and choose an electric boat winch that will meet your boating demands. Finally, examine the warranty for each option in case you need to initiate a claim if any mechanical issues emerge. Thanks for reading, if you think I forgot something or if you simply want to share a story or some advice, feel free to leave your comment below. Be safe and have fun!

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