6 Best Folding Hand Saws for Efficient Cutting in the Woods

When it comes to survival gear and gear lists, there are a few basic items that expert survivalists and camper’s do not go without. One of those items is the folding saw! A good folding saw can be used for tons of different tasks like clearing debris and fallen branches, cutting firewood, collecting food, building shelters, and so on.

So, whether you’re a camping newbie or survival pro, it’s important to know what kind of folding saws are out there, which ones you should be getting and why, as well as tips on how to use them. But how do you select the best folding hand saws?

Well, don’t worry, in today’s article, I will review 6 of the best survival folding saws that are ideal for camping, backpacking or any other survival needs! However, before we jump straight into the reviews, let’s take a brief look at a buying guide for the best foldable saws for camping and survival! For you guys that prefer to jump directly to my suggested survival folding saws, you can do so by clicking HERE!

Buying Guide for the Best Folding Survival Saw for Camping, Backpacking!

A camping saw is an essential outdoor gear to keep in your backpack, pocket, or vehicle. It serves multiple purposes and also comes in handy in survival situations. Choosing the best camping saw isn’t the easiest task, however. Our selection was based on the following criteria!

1. Brand

There are many brands producing camping saws, but we only included established brands in our research.

We’re not saying you can’t find a good alternative elsewhere, but those who have been involved in the development of these tools for decades only have the knowledge and the means to manufacture reliable and durable saws to be up to expectations.

2. Quality

The most important things to assess the quality of a camping saw are the blade and the handle. All of the products featured in our list have sturdy blades made of durable materials like hard carbon steel, hardened steel, or impulse hardened steel.

These tools also have sturdy, ergonomic handles, and reliable joints to ensure years of dependable use.

3. Ease of Use

Your foldable saw won’t provide too much benefit if it’s bulky or difficult to use. Ergonomics and weight are two things to consider.

The tool should feel balanced in your hand and provide a comfortable, non-slip grip. It should also be light. Otherwise, the user may get tired. Finally, also check the size of the blade, especially if you want to cut thicker branches or logs.

4. Reviews

All of the saws featured in my list have been praised by their users as being reliable and durable. Our selection only includes saws of above average quality.

5. Price

Price doesn’t always reflect the quality of a product, so we’ve only chosen camping saws that offer good value for money.

6. Blade Material

Camping saw blades are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The latter is more expensive, but the strength and rust-proofing properties of the material pay off in the long run.

Carbon steel is also a good choice but be careful to choose a blade coated with an anti-corrosion material.

7. Blade Type and Performance

Three things to check are blade angle, tooth positioning, and tooth density.

  • The angle of the blade can be straight or curved. Curved saws are best suited for thinner branches, while straight blades can handle thicker branches.
  • The positioning of the tines has an impact on manoeuvrability. In our experience, blades with teeth angled towards the handle are easier to use and give you more control over the cut, although these blades tend to be thinner than those with teeth angled away from the handle. sleeve.
  • Finally, tooth density, measured in teeth per inch (TPI), determines the precision of the cut. The higher the TPI, the more precise the cut, but these blades also cut slower. For the best balance between performance and precision, I recommend a medium-tooth blade of around 8-9 TPI.
8. Handle design

The handle of a camping saw should be ergonomic and large enough to hold the blade securely when folded. High density plastic or metal with the rubberized coating is your best option.

9. Size and Weight

A good camping saw should be compact and lightweight. They should add minimal bulk to your camping gear and ideally fit in a backpack or pocket. A length of about 8 inches or less when folded is sufficient. Survivors can even benefit from smaller foldable pocket saws around 5 inches in length.

10. Portability and Features

Survival saws are portable by definition, but don’t forget to check the blade locking system. Carrying bags or cases add value.

The most important features to look for are availability of replacement blades and spare parts, including rubberized nuts and sleeves, warranty, and availability of customer service.

My Suggested 6 Best Camping Folding Saws

1. AGAWA BOREAL21 Folding Saw

Best Folding Hand Saws

If you’re looking for a folding saw that is ideal for all sorts of adventure activities such as camping, backpacking, hunting, etc., then you should definitely consider the AGAWA BOREAL21 Folding Saw. It’s easy to unfold and use and it’s extremely light-weight and convenient to carry.

The frame is built from high quality anodized 6063 aluminium frame which makes it durable and efficient in cutting through different types of materials such as wood, plastic, ropes, etc. The design of this saw comes with a high clearance frame so that you can make more efficient cuts.

What makes this folding saw even better is its compact size which makes it ideal for storage or carrying around in your bag when you’re out on an adventure trip or hiking trip. It won’t take up too much space or add any extra weight to your luggage or backpack!


  • Ideal for all sorts of adventure activities such as camping, backpacking, hunting, etc.
  • Easy to unfold and use
  • Extremely light-weight and convenient to carry
  • Features a high clearance frame for optimized and efficient cuts
  • The frame is built from high quality anodized 6063 aluminium frame


  • The saw blade twist a bit when using (Be Safe)


1. How easy is it to find blades?

Any standard 21-inch bow saw blade will work. You can buy a new blade for a few dollars at any major home improvement store or at your local hardware store.

2. Does this saw have tension that will last for years? And is it possible to change the tension?

The BOREAL21 will keep the tension for years without needing to be changed. It’s made to hold tension without having to be adjusted and without the risk of making the frame too tight.

If you ever have trouble with tension, which is very unlikely, you can send an email to the company, and they will fix/replace it!

3. Can an extra blade be kept in the saw when it’s not being used?

When the saw is not in use, you can put an extra blade inside. But it needs to be taken off in order for the saw to be opened.


If you are in the market for a foldable saw (for adventure purposes), then the BOREAL21 by AGAWA should definitely be on your list. It is extremely portable, intuitive to use and really easy to transport.

This folding saw can be used for numerous purposes such as hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or for cutting firewood during those cold winter months. Its compact and durable design will serve you well on all occasions and it comes at a great price as well!

2. AGAWA BOREAL15 Folding Saw


There’s nothing like the feeling of a good saw in your hand, the rhythm of the blade, the way it cuts through the air and through whatever you’re using it to cut. But what if you could take that experience with you wherever you go?

That’s exactly what AGAWA BOREAL15 Folding Saw was designed for. It’s an all-in-one tool for all sorts of adventure activities, including camping, backpacking, hunting…you name it! And it’s not just useful, it’s super lightweight and convenient to carry around as well.

So, whether you’re going on a weekend trip or heading out into nature for longer periods of time, this product will be there for you when you need it most! Built with an optimized geometry for efficient saw stoke, this saw makes quick work of any task at hand. And because it comes with hardened and coated blades that are built to last, you won’t need another saw anytime soon!


  • Designed for all sorts of adventure activities such as camping, backpacking, hunting, etc.
  • Extremely convenient and easy to unfold and use
  • Is super lightweight and convenient to carry in any backpack
  • Built with an optimized geometry for efficient saw stoke
  • Comes with hardened and coated saw blades


  • The saw blade bends a bit while cutting. (Be Safe While Cutting)


1. Is there a way to get new blades for these?

Any standard 15-inch bow saw blade will work. You can buy a new blade for a few dollars at any major home improvement store or at your local hardware store.

Or, if you want, you can get a 15-inch replacement blade from the manufacturer.

2. When folded, do the saw teeth show? Could you slide it into a backpack’s side pocket without hurting the backpack?

When folded, the teeth are covered, and it will fit nicely in your pack.

3. Is a Carry Bag included?

No, it doesn’t have a bag to carry it in. But if you want to keep it safe, you can make one yourself!


If you’re looking for a portable, high-quality wood saw that isn’t too bulky to carry around, then the AGAWA BOREAL15 Folding Saw is a great choice. While it is primarily designed for camping enthusiasts and hikers, it’s also a great investment if you’re into more extreme activities.

This folding saw is extremely convenient to use in all sorts of activities that require cutting and chopping. It’s hard to imagine a life without one already.

3. Spring Creek Manufacturing’s Folding Saw


When you’re looking for the perfect folding saw, there are a few features that you should consider before making a purchase. For example, how many different sizes do they come in? Is it made from durable materials? And is it light weight enough to carry with you on your next camping trip?

Spring Creek Manufacturing’s Folding Saw Features offer all of these things and more. For example, it comes in three different sizes: 21″, 24″, and 30″. This means that no matter what size blade you need for your project, Spring Creek Manufacturing has got it covered.

Another great feature of the Spring Creek Manufacturing Folding Saw Features is their tube spine design. This means that when you use this saw, there is no bend or twist motion involved, just smooth cuts every time!

The final thing I love about this saw is its durability and high-quality aluminium construction. This means that not only will it last longer than other models on the market today but also that it will cut through whatever materials you need without any problems at all!


  • Comes in three size options 21-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch
  • It’s one of the most versatile foldable saws on the market
  • Features a tube spine design for a strong no bend or twist motion
  • Built from durable and high-quality aluminium
  • Is very light-weight and hence pretty convenient to carry


  • The grip is a little wide.


1. Does this work with the Bahco blades? Also, how does it feel to use?

This saw will work with any bucksaw blade that is the right length. If you know about the “Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw,” you will like this saw. Same design, but stronger. Keep in mind that this is not an everyday working saw, even though it is light and easy to put together with one hand.

This is more of an emergency/survival/backpacking saw that will get you by in a pinch, but it wouldn’t last long if you used it every day for heavy work. For what it was made for, it is the lightest and most effective on the market.

2. Is there a case for it?

No, there is no case with this Saw. But the company makes them and sells one on their website.

3. How do you change the blade? Do you need any tools?

A size-fit wrench and a regular Phillips-Head screwdriver would be needed to change the blade.


The advantages and features of the Spring Creek Manufacturing Folding Saw are so numerous that we cannot even begin to give them all justice here. Instead, we’ll focus on that which makes it one of the best folding saws on the market: the fact that it’s adaptable for use in a wide range of situations.

Its lightweight but sturdy design ensures that you’re never carrying too little or too much, and its 19 teeth per inch easily cut through thick branches without putting much strain on you at all.

So, if you’re looking for a saw that’s easy to carry with you wherever you go, and still tackles tough jobs with ease, this may be just what you needed all along.

4. Coghlan’s Folding Saw


The Coghlan’s Folding Saw is the perfect companion for all your adventures. Whether you’re backpacking through the wilderness, camping in the great outdoors, or trekking through mountains on a quest to find the mythical unicorn, this saw is up to the task. The Coghlan’s Folding Saw features an anodized aluminium frame that’s built to last.

No matter how many times you use it and abuse it, you’ll never have to worry about breaking this saw, it can take whatever you throw at it! It weighs just 16 ounces when folded down, so it’s easy to carry with you wherever you go. And when you need it most? Just open up the blade and cut through wood like butter (or meat or metal if that’s what floats your boat).

It even locks into place when fully extended so there’s no risk of an accident while using it in its full glory. This thing is amazing! If you’re looking for a reliable folding saw that will get the job done every time without failing, look no further than the Coghlan’s Folding Saw!


  • Suitable for all kinds of adventure trips like camping, backpacking, trekking, etc.
  • The frame is built from rugged anodized aluminium
  • When folded down, it weighs just 16 ounces
  • Can easily cut through wood, meat or even metal
  • Extremely easy to use and convenient carry


  • At this price point, the hinge should have been made from metal (instead of plastic)!


1. Has anyone put this saw up against the Sven saw?

I’ve used both, and they were both pretty much the same. Both cut well and work well. Both look like they have the same kind of handle. This one was better than the Sven because it can hold any blade!

2. How much does it really weigh? Are the rivets also made of aluminium?

It’s actually closer to 1 pound 6 ounces. The rivets are made of aluminium and feel strong and sturdy!

3. Does it have blades for wood, bone, and a hacksaw?

This item only has a wooden blade. But they can be bought separately.


With the Coghlan’s Folding Saw, you are actually getting more than what your money is worth. Why? Because it can really save you in emergencies or get you out of sticky situations that may arise in the middle of a camping trip.

This compact folding saw is just a must-have item for your survival gear kits and emergency back-up supplies.

5. Sven-Saw 60th Anniversary Folding Saw


The Sven-Saw 60th Anniversary Folding Saw is a great tool to have on hand when you need to cut through branches or wood. It’s lightweight, so you can bring it with you anywhere, and its rust resistant, which means it will last for years.

This folding saw is also very well suited for adventure activities like camping or hunting, because of its durability and convenience. It weighs just 11.1 ounces when folded, so it won’t weigh down your pack or take up much space in your car, and it’s easy to use and carry around wherever you go.

The Sven-Saw 60th Anniversary Folding Saw is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last for years of use. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who needs a reliable saw that’s easy to use and convenient to carry around.


  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Rust resistant and built to last
  • Weighs just 11.1 ounces when folded
  • Extremely suited for adventure activities
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry


  • Because of its aluminium handle, it can feel a bit cold to touch and even slippery is your hands are wet! (Wear Gloves)


1. Is all of this made of metal?

Yes. It’s made of two light pieces of aluminium and a steel blade.

2. Can you get blades from the same company? Or can you get a replacement at Home Depot?

Yes and no, depending on whether or not you want to drill a hole and buy a small bolt. The bolt that holds the Sven blade together can’t be taken off without drilling out the pin.

And you have to put that bolt on any blade you use so that the wing nut on the handle can hold it in place. You can find replacement blades at box stores that will work, but for the same price, it’s better to buy a replacement blade from Sven.

3. Can you use it to cut metal if you put a hacksaw blade on it?

As long as the blade is of the same size.


Upon review of the main benefits of the Sven-Saw 60th Anniversary Folding Saw, we can see that this product is an excellent choice for campers and hikers, or those looking for an everyday saw to keep on hand just in case.

It’s incredibly lightweight and portable, but very sturdy in use. The low price tag is a bonus as well, making this a great deal overall!

6. Allen Huntsman Folding Saw


When you’re out on an adventure and need to cut through something, you don’t want to be stuck with a saw that’s going to let you down. That’s why Allen Huntsman folding saw is the only choice for you!

This 16-inch long blade can easily cut through wood, bone or even metal. The saw handle is covered with a durable sheath for easy grip, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your grip on this tool. Plus, it’s built with extremely durable and long lasting materials that will last through years of adventure trips like backpacking, camping or even hunting.

And if that weren’t enough, it also folds up into itself so it’s easy to carry around in your pack or pocket! It comes at an affordable price too, making it the perfect addition for any adventurer!


  • Features 16-inch long blades that can easily cut through wood, bone or even metal
  • The saw handle is covered with a durable sheath for easy grip
  • Must have on adventure trips such as backpacking, camping or even hunting
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Built with extremely durable and long lasting materials


  • The grip sheath could have been a bit wider!


1. What is the exact blade length?

It’s the same as written on the saw- 16 inch!

2. What are the exact dimensions of the saw?

The saw measures 7.75×15.75 inches!

3. Does it comes with 2 blades?

Yes! One for cutting wood and one for cutting bone/metal!


If you are looking for an easy to carry and convenient saw, the Allen Huntsman Folding Saw is a great choice. It is small enough to carry comfortably in your camping gear.

The 16-inch blade make it convenient for cutting bones, wood or even soft metals on adventure or survival trips. The folding design also helps ensure that it does not take up much space in your luggage or backpack.

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The Bottom Line

If you’re going on an adventure/survival trip and want to bring a saw, there are a lot of options out there. But one of the most popular kinds is the folding saw. They’re compact, lightweight and can be used in many different situations. Here are some of the benefits of folding saws for camping, backpacking and survival:

  • The first benefit is that they’re easy to carry around. They don’t take up much space when folded up, so you can put them into a backpack or even your pocket if you’re wearing cargo pants!
  • Another benefit is that they’re very versatile and can be used for many different tasks. You can cut wood with them easily because they have sharp teeth that grab onto the wood grain easily. You can also use them to cut through small branches if necessary!
  • Folding saws are also great for clearing brush from trails in order to make them easier to walk through without getting snagged on any branches along the way! This makes them great for hiking trips!

Folding saws are undoubtedly among the most important items for your camping, survival, and backpacking gear. These 6 survival folding saws reviewed above can perfectly fulfil all of your needs. Make sure to check them out before you make your final purchase! Hope this article did help you, if you think I forget something or if you have a story or some tips to share, feel free to leave your comment below… Be Safe And Have Fun.!

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