6 Top Rated Hiking Poles for Stability and Support on the Trails

If you love hiking, but don’t have the right gear, you are missing out a lot. While you do get by with hiking boots and backpack, nothing beats using hiking poles. These poles can really make a big difference on the comfort level of a hike for you.

They are great for people who are going higher up in altitude as well as for anyone who would like to enjoy the hike without any back pains at all. So, today in this article, we will look at 6 of the top rated hiking poles that you can buy. These are of-course suited for men, women as well as seniors (for added safety when walking)!

But, before I jump on to review the products, let’s look at a comprehensive buying guide to hiking poles! But for you guys that want to jump directly to my recommended hiking poles, feel free to do so by clicking here… 6 Best Hiking Poles Review!

Buying Guide to Hiking Poles

If you are on the lookout for a decent pair of hiking poles, then it’s absolutely necessary to take notes of a few criteria. We have mentioned a few of them below!

1. The Use

The choice of your poles will strongly depend on the activity you are going to practice! Will they be used to hike or simply to walk on the street as an added safety.

a. For performance mountain hikes

You will need a very light product that you can store easily and quickly. In general, carbon and 3-strand models will be preferred.

b. For long hikes or treks

In this case we will rather opt for sturdy poles, easily transportable and potentially adjustable to be comfortable both uphill and downhill. Telescopic or adjustable models may be an interesting choice in this case.

c. For Nordic walk practices

There are models dedicated to this practice, but you can just as well use suitable trail or hiking poles. It will be possible to go on one- piece models that are often more robust, but also on foldable models if you want to be able to transport them more easily.

The choice of handle will be an important criterion to ensure good transmission of effort. Finally, the point must be equipped with a tip adapted to the terrain on which you are going to practice.

2. Technical Criteria

a. The type

Monofilament, telescopic or foldable (or a mix of the two in some cases). The first will generally be more robust but bulkier and of fixed length. The telescopic can be stored easily and offer an adjustable size.

Finally, the third, often composed of three strands, are the lightest. There are also hybrid models that are foldable and whose upper segment has a telescopic arm to adjust the height.

b. The material

Depending on the weight you place on your material, but also on its solidity and cost, you will opt for:

  • A carbon fibre pair (top of the range because it is lighter and more rigid)
  • A pair of aluminium (more robust because it bends before breaking, but a little heavier)
  • A combination of the two (a collapsible stick in three sections with the top two in carbon and the bottom in aluminium).

c. The locking mechanism

The first models of telescopic poles used a tightening system by screwing. But most suffered from a lack of reliability, the system sometimes seizing up to the point of not being able to loosen it easily.

Or conversely it was not strong enough to hold when you pressed hard on it. Today there are latch systems allowing the segments to be locked more robustly.

d. Weight

An essential criterion for us, because a few grams more or less can make a big difference over time. You will find this indicator in all our product reviews and comparisons.

e. Robustness

This will result from the previous criteria such as the type, the material used, the weight! But rest assured, barring accidents, current products are generally very durable if used correctly.

3. Handle

This is an element that should not be neglected for the comfort of the hand. Generally, you would find handles made of cork, foam or even rubber! Cork is the most comfortable material in contact with the hand and in terms of absorbing perspiration, which can limit the risk of chafing and blisters on long hikes.

Some foams are also pleasant and allow a little shock absorption. However, hard plastics often used on economic models should be avoided, except for specific activities requiring not to absorb moisture, such as skiing for example. In addition, it can be useful to have a rounded head on the top of the handle in order to be able to lean on it.

This can be of great help, for example when descending while crossing a high obstacle. Finally, a handle with an extended grip below the main handle can be a big help. This will provide a lower secure grip when climbing steep hills and thus improve balance and leverage.

4. Strap

Again, it is a part of the pole that is very important. Indeed, it allows you not to lose the pole, but also to ensure better propulsion. There are different types, ranging from simple straps to gauntlets. The latter is particularly efficient and can sometimes detach from the stick when you want to have your hands free.

5. Size and Shock absorption

The size of the pole will depend directly on you! In general, we recommend a length that allows your elbow to form a 90° angle when you hold the stick vertically. You can also use the following rule: pole size = 0.67 x your height.

Shock absorption will depend on the material used (aluminium will not be that great), but some products have an internal spring to better absorb vibrations.

6. Price

Not everyone has the same budget, so we try to select items from different ranges. You can rely on our comparisons to find the best value for money. Nevertheless, we advise you to invest in a quality product that can accompany you for many years!

There are various price ranges on hiking poles, depending on their construction materials, their weight, their type, etc. In general, carbon will be lighter but also more expensive and less robust than aluminium. Similarly, cork handles would be more ergonomic than simple foam, etc.

So, to buy a good pair of hiking poles, you have to spend at least $50-100. You can even go beyond this price range (of course if your budget permits) to get more advanced ones that have a lot of features!

My Suggested 6 Top Rated Hiking Poles:

1. Cascade Mountain Tech Hiking Poles

I am going to be honest with you: I love these Cascade Mountain Tech Hiking Poles. And I think you will, too.

These poles are built from 100% carbon fibre, making them lightweight and durable. They’re suitable for both beginners and pros alike, making them great for hikes of all kinds. Plus, they come with quick lock features that can change the pole height from 26″ to 54″, so you can adjust your height as needed.

And they’re extremely comfortable! The extended EVA grip makes these poles feel like an extension of your hand, which means no more blisters or sore spots on your hands during long hikes or runs. They also come with a bonus tip kit that includes snow baskets, mud baskets, rubber boot tips, rubber tips, a trekking pole clip and a carry bag!

Top Rated Hiking Poles


  • These poles are built from 100% carbon fibre
  • Suitable for both beginners as well as professionals
  • Light-weight and compact- weighs less than a pound
  • Comes with quick lock features which can change the pole height from 26″ to 54″
  • Extremely comfortable due to the extended EVA grip
  • Comes with a bonus tip kit


  • The hand straps on these poles aren’t removable!


1. What’s the difference between the handles made of neoprene and those made of cork? Not sure which to pick since they both cost the same.

Dirt and sweat from your hands make the cork handles look dirty. So, it’s better to get the ones made of neoprene. (Unless you don’t mind cleaning the cork handles regularly)

2. What is the main difference between regular carbon fibre and 3k carbon fibre? Is it just a matter of how strong they are?

Yes, it’s a difference in strength and more. 3K means that the tow (the thread of CF that is then woven into a fabric) has 3,000 strands of carbon fibre!

3. How much does the item weigh?

As described, the two poles weigh just about one pound when put together.

The Cascade Mountain Tech Hiking Poles are a great choice for anyone looking for a set of poles that is not only easy to use but comfortable and lightweight as well.

These are made from carbon fibre so they can withstand a lot of weight and other wear and tear. They have almost every feature you would need in a set of hiking poles and the bonus items that come with this purchase will help you along your hike as well.

2. Montem Ultra Strong Hiking Poles

Montem Ultra Strong Hiking Poles offer a ton of features that make them one of the best hiking poles you can buy.

First, there are the adjustable quick locks which easily lengthens the poles from 24″ to 53″, making them perfect for almost any kind of terrain. Plus, they’re so compact and convenient to carry that you can bring them along with you wherever you go.

Second, these hiking poles are crafted out of Aluminium 7075, which is stronger than steel, so they’ll never break or bend under pressure. And since they’re so lightweight (weighing just 9.6 ounces), they won’t be too tiring on your arms when you use them for extended periods of time!

Finally, these hiking poles come with a free lifetime replacement promise and padded straps for ergonomic grips that ensures that you never drop your hiking poles again!



  • Features adjustable quick locks which easily lengthens the poles from 24″ to 53″
  • Comes with a free lifetime replacement promise
  • Weights just 9.6 ounces and is crafted out of Aluminium 7075
  • Extremely compact and convenient to carry
  • Comes with padded straps for a comfortable and ergonomic grip


  • The rubber tip savers can get worn out quite easily!


1. Do the tips of these poles have carbide? And is the cork on these grips real cork or foam?

The tips are made of Tungsten and come with a rubber attachment that can be changed. EVA foam is used to make the grips. Cork is a bit soft, and over time, it chips. EVA foam, on the other hand, is stronger and lasts longer.

2. How long are the trekking poles when they are fully collapsed?

When they are fully collapsed, they are 24 inches. These hiking poles should fit in a normal-sized suitcase.

3. Can you walk on the streets with the poles?

Yes. You can use them on streets with the rubber tips, or you can take them off and use the spikes on icy streets. They are a must for older people walking on the streets in the winter as a safety measure.

Overall, Montem Ultra Strong Hiking Poles are great for anyone looking to become serious about trekking/hiking. With them being strong and durable, you can always rely on them.

They also fold down small enough so that you can put them in your backpack without taking up much space. Simply put, they come as close as possible to being the very best in the industry when it comes to durability, quality, and portability.

3. TrailBuddy Hiking Poles

The TrailBuddy Hiking Poles are extremely rugged and durable. They’re crafted out of strong aircraft-grade aluminium 7075, which means they’ll last you a long time no matter what kind of adventure you take them on. The height can be adjusted from 24.5″ to 54″, so they’ll grow with you as your hiking skills improve.

They’re also easy and convenient to use just twist the knob at the bottom of each pole to tighten or loosen it, and you’re good to go! Plus, these poles come with padded straps and threaded pole tips for added comfort and grip when you’re on the trails.

If you love getting outside but don’t want to let your lack of coordination hold you back (or if you just need a little help reaching those lofty summits), TrailBuddy Hiking Poles are just what the doctor ordered!



  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Crafted out of strong aircraft-grade aluminium 7075
  • Height can be adjusted from 24.5″ to 54″
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Comes with padded straps and threaded pole tips for added comfort and grip


  • The rubber tips can get loose pretty easily while on treks or long hikes!


1. At their shortest, how long are the poles?

When it’s collapsed, it’s only 24.5 inches long.

2. How much do the trekking poles weigh?

Without accessories, each pole weighs 9.7 ounces. When you add the baskets and rubber tips, each pole will weigh 10.2 ounces.

3. Is there a weight limit on who can use this?

I don’t know the answer, but I think the poles should be fine for any weight (you can assume a safe mark below 360 pounds)!


Ultimately, the TrailBuddy hiking poles are a great choice for hikers who not only need support, but who also want something comfortable and convenient to use.

If you have ever gotten stuck on a trail or mountain with hiking poles that did not adjust down small enough or turned heavy in your backpack, then the TrailBuddy hiking poles will likely be a great fit for you. Tuck into the back of your pack and never look back!

4. 100% Carbon Fiber Collapsible Walking Stick for Hiking, Trekking and Walking.

If you’re a hiker, you know that the right gear can make all the difference. That’s why I suggest the new line of hiking poles from Hiker Hunger Outfitters.

These are no ordinary walking sticks. They’re built from 3K 100% carbon fibre, and they weigh around 7.6 oz, that’s incredibly light! And they feature a nonslip EVA foam grip extension so you can keep your balance while you’re trekking through rough terrain.

But what really makes these poles special is their built-in flip lock lever technology for added stability. You can adjust the height from 24″ to 55″, so whether you’re just going on a short hike with your dog or embarking on an epic journey through the mountains, these poles are ready to take on anything that comes their way!

And just in case something does go wrong, Hiker Hunger has your back: each set comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.



  • Built from 3K 100% carbon fibre
  • Extremely light-weight and weighs around 7.6 oz
  • Features a nonslip EVA foam for grip extension
  • Built-in flip lock lever technology for added stability
  • Height adjustable from 24″ to 55″
  • Also, features a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer


  • The threads on the snow baskets is unable to hold them securely for long enough. So, after a long trek/hike, they can get loose eventually!


1. How long is the tip?

The tips are 1.5 inches long! The fat part, or bottom, is 1 inch in length.

2. Can the straps be adjusted?

Yes, you can change how tight or loose the straps are around your wrist.

3. Are these poles from China or the United States?

In spite of what the other answers say, these are not made in the United States. China is where they are made.


The Hiker Hunger Outfitter Hiking Poles are built to last, durable, and sure to outlast all others. They are light-weight and strong so you can hike hard with no worries of having poles that are too heavy for you.

They were made to be lightweight but sturdy, so they will not bend or break under hard pressure. They will come in handy when hiking up hills, mountains, or uneven terrain.

5. Black Diamond Trail Back Hiking Poles

The Black Diamond Trail Back Hiking Poles are great for the avid hiker who wants to be able to trek through the wilderness but doesn’t want to lug around a heavy set of hiking poles. These hiking poles have 100% carbon fibre shafts, and they’re incredibly lightweight and collapsible.

They also feature a Z-pole fixed length construction, which is great for stability and balance when you’re trekking through rocky terrain or uneven ground. These hiking poles come with an EVA foam grip along with a breathable grip extension so you can hold onto them comfortably even when your hands are sweaty or wet from rain or snow.

The built-in optimized joint support for added durability ensures that these hiking poles will last you through many treks into the wilderness without breaking down on you mid-hike!



  • Comes with 100% carbon fibre shafts
  • Features a Z-pole fixed length construction
  • Incredibly lightweight and collapsible
  • Has a lightweight EVA foam grip along with a breathable grip extension
  • Built-in optimized joint support for added durability
  • Available in a lot of different sizes: 100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm and 130cm.


  • The locking mechanism makes a rattling sound when used. Nothing to worry though!


1. Where do they make these?

Taiwan is where the Black Diamond Trail Back Trek Poles are made.

2. What size poles should you buy?

Standing up, bend your elbow 90 degrees so that your forearm is parallel to the floor.

Measure the distance from the floor to the upper side of your hand while holding a stick at a 90-degree angle. Select the pole height that is closest to that distance.

3. Does it come with a case?

No! A case is not included.


If you are ready to venture off the beaten path and take on the days ahead with your head held high, then you have to pick up the Black Diamond Trail Back Hiking Poles. You will exceed all of your expectations, from that first step out of the car all the way to that final campfire under the clear night sky.

This piece is designed to exceed all expectations, so you know your trails are going to be marked off of your bucket list. Stop waiting and start hiking today with the best hiking poles available.

6. Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Hiking Poles

The Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Hiking Poles are designed to give you a comfortable, supportive hike. The high grade 7075 aluminium shafts are lightweight and durable, while the soft-touch ergonomic grip top gives you a secure hold on your hiking poles.

The 100% natural cork grip with EVA foam grip extension offers a comfortable place to rest your hands while you’re on the trail, and it also helps to reduce hand fatigue. This is especially helpful if you’re going to be hiking for long periods! The built-in fusion comfort strap provides premium support and makes sure that your pole stays comfortably in place as you move around during your hike. It’s easy to adjust as well!

The flip lock technology allows you to adjust the length of your pole for whatever terrain you’re on or how tall you are, moreover, these poles come in a variety of different sizes available from 69cm up to 140cm! These poles are perfect for anyone looking for an easy solution for their next hiking adventure!



  • Comes with high grade 7075 aluminium shafts
  • Features a soft-touch ergonomic grip top
  • Also has a 100% natural cork grip with EVA foam grip extension
  • Built-in fusion comfort strap for premium support
  • Has a FlipLock technology for adjustability
  • Comes in various sizes ranging from 69cm to 140cm


  • These poles do not come with rubber tips!


1. Do these poles come with spike tips or just rubber tips?

Tips are usually made of titanium. You must order rubber tips on your own.

2. How long are the poles when they are rolled up?

The length from end to end when the poles are “retracted” is 27.5 inches!

3. Some reviews say these come with snow baskets and others say they don’t. Which one is true?

There are trekking baskets on the Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trek Walking Poles. Snow baskets can be used with them, but they are not included.


The Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Hiking Poles are versatile and dependable trekking poles that are designed to elevate the experience of long hikes and other outdoor activities.

The lightweight, high grade aluminium shafts are durable, making them capable of supporting a weight load of up to 300 lbs (136 kg). They also come with a rubber ferrule for added stability during use. The 100% natural cork grip is soft to the touch and gives users a secure hold on the trekking poles even when using them on rough terrains.

The FlipLock technology likewise allows users to quickly adjust their settings so they can easily scale uneven terrain and make sure that they are comfortable during the course of their hike!

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The Bottom Line

There are few things more annoying than trekking through the woods only to have your hiking pole fall apart. But there is no need to worry because we have already done the work for you.

The 6 Best Hiking Poles of this year have been listed and reviewed so that you can make a smart investment that won’t break the bank! Check this list carefully so you can pick your favourite for your next trip when you need a dependable hiking partner! If you think I forgot something or if you want to share a story or tips, feel free to leave a comment below, But for now, Be Safe And Happy Hiking.!

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