5 Best Hikes Banff National Park is Praised For

You’ve been dying to see the breathtaking Canadian Rockies for years and finally arrived in Banff National Park. There are more than 260 miles of trails in the region, and you can’t wait to go out and explore them. The only issue is where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best Hikes Banff National Park is praised for, that will delight you in the wonder of the surrounding snow-capped peaks, turquoise alpine lakes, and lush woods. Banff offers some of the most stunning trails in the world, whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll or a hard multi-day travel.

So, grab your backpack, charge your camera, and get set for a trip to one of the most stunning spots on Earth.

5 Best Hikes Banff National Park Has To Offer:

1. Plain Of Six Glaciers

Plain Of Six Glaciers

The Plain of Six Glaciers trail is a must-see hiking destination with stunning vistas and an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Its round-trip distance is roughly 13.8 kilometers (8.6 miles). Because of its length and elevation climb, it is classified as a moderate to tough trail. Hikers require 4-6 hours to finish the trail, depending on fitness levels and time spent at vistas.

The Plain of Six Glaciers hiking trail provides breathtaking panoramic views of glaciers, towering mountains, and Lake Louise. It is a delight for both nature lovers and photographers. At the trail’s end, there is a nice teahouse where you may relax and refresh. Pause and enjoy the beautiful scenery while sipping on some refreshing drinks.

We recommend you start early, at 8 a.m., to avoid crowds. The parking lot quickly fills up, particularly in July and August. Plan on spending four to six hours on the trail at a relaxing speed. Bring lots of water, food, a rain jacket, cap, and hiking boots. In the mountains, the weather may change suddenly. Before you go, check the path conditions and bear activity.

This hike is tough, with a 1,000-foot elevation increase over 4 miles. Slow down, particularly at higher altitudes when the air is thinner. Allow enough time to adjust and enjoy the surroundings.

The Plain of Six Glaciers is a must-do walk for every Banff National Park visitor. The mix of glacier panoramas, alpine meadows, and a charming teahouse among rocky, snow-capped hills will leave you amazed. This is the ideal way to spend a summer day in the Canadian Rockies.

2. Johnston Canyon Hike

Johnston Canyon Hike

Johnston Canyon is an incredible hike that shows nature’s beauty. Set out to discover this fascinating canyon and its beautiful waterfalls.

The Upper Falls trail is about 5.4 kilometers (3.4 miles) round way. The trail is typically considered easy to moderate, making it ideal for hikers of different fitness levels. The trip, including stops at vistas and waterfalls, usually takes two to three hours.

The canyon, thick forest, and magnificent waterfalls of Johnston Canyon provide spectacular views. The beautiful, turquoise-colored ponds contribute to the enchantment of the environment. The trail includes high catwalks and durable steel bridges that enable you to view the canyon from various angles. These landmarks enhance the experience and give breathtaking views.

To avoid crowds and have a quiet experience, start your climb early in the day. This will enable you to enjoy the canyon’s elegance without being distracted by enormous crowds. Waterfall mist or spray may make parts of the path slippery, so wear shoes with a good grip. Hiking boots or shoes are suggested.

Because Johnston Canyon is in bear territory, it’s essential to be careful and aware of bear protection. Carry bear spray, make noise when trekking, and follow park officials’ advice to avoid confrontations.

Consider visiting Johnston Canyon at calmer times, such as early morning or late afternoon, for a more relaxing experience. This may create a stronger calm sensation and allow for a more complete absorption in the natural environment.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and soothing sounds of the gushing waterfalls at Johnston Canyon. Remember to be prepared, obey safety instructions, and protect the natural environment during your visit.

3. Sentinel Pass Via Larch Valley

Sentinel Pass Via Larch Valley

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure via Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass, where natural beauty and stunning vistas await. The round trip distance from Larch Valley to Sentinel Pass is roughly 12.4 kilometers (7.7 miles). This is a difficult hike with steep parts and a large elevation rise. Plan 6-8 hours to finish the climb, considering the difficult ascent and time spent admiring the views.

Larch Valley becomes alive in the autumn with the brilliant colors of golden larch trees. As you travel across the valley, enjoy this breathtaking display of colors. Prepare to be enthralled by sweeping panoramic vistas of nearby peaks, glaciers, and valleys once you reach Sentinel Pass. This viewpoint provides a beautiful panorama of the Canadian Rockies.

Begin your hike early in the day so you’ve got enough time for the difficult climb and to find a parking place. Starting early also boosts your chances of exploring the path in quiet silence.

Bring lots of water and food to remain hydrated and fed during the climb. Keeping your energy levels up on the long and difficult hike is critical.

Prepare for steep and rocky path areas that may need cautious footing. You might come across snow patches based on the time of year, so pack suitable gear, such as hiking poles and traction devices.

During your hike, be careful and mindful of animals. Carry bear spray, make noise, and be on the lookout for possible encounters. Please familiarize yourself with animal safety standards and thoroughly stick to them.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass. You’ll have an amazing journey in the Canadian Rockies with enough planning, stamina, and respect for the natural environment.

4. Sulphur Mountain Hike

Sulphur Mountain Hike

The path that leads to Sulphur Mountain’s peak is around 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) one way. The hike is classified as normal up to difficult because of the elevation rise and steep parts. Plan on spending 3-4 hours climbing to the peak. You may use the Banff Gondola, which runs on its timetable, to go down.

When you reach the peak, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies. From here, you may get a great look at the area’s mountains, valleys, and woods. You may return to the base by the Banff Gondola, which is easy and spectacular. Enjoy a peaceful ride while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

If you want a peaceful and uncrowded hiking experience, you should get an early start. This enables you to take your time climbing and cherish the top without being distracted by huge crowds.

Because the weather in the mountains may vary quickly, dress in layers to accommodate temperature swings. Bring a rain jacket and dress appropriately for the lower weather at the peak.

Bring enough water to remain hydrated during the journey. Pack energy-boosting foods to keep your energy levels up throughout the climb.

If you want to descend by the Banff Gondola, be sure the schedule matches your hike. Please be aware of the final gondola departure time to prevent being stuck at the peak.

5. Lake Agnes Tea House Via Big Beehive

Lake Agnes Tea House Via Big Beehive

On this thrilling trekking excursion, immerse yourself in the breathtaking splendor of Lake Agnes and the Big Beehive. The Big Beehive is roughly 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) round way to Lake Agnes Tea House.

The trek is graded as intermediate up to hard because of its length and the steep approach to the Big Beehive. Consider taking 4-5 hours to finish the climb, including time spent at Lake Agnes and the Big Beehive viewpoint.

Discover the tranquil beauty of Lake Agnes, a magnificent alpine lake tucked away among the mountains. Take time to relax and appreciate the serenity of this gorgeous location.

Lake Agnes has a delightful tea shop where you can relax and enjoy delicious refreshments. Experience the unique atmosphere and enjoy a cup of tea and some delectable food surrounded by nature.

Climb to the Big Beehive for 360-degree views of the nearby mountains, valleys, and Lake Louise. The view from this height is stunning and makes the climb worthwhile.

To get a table at the tea house and avoid crowds, begin your climb early in the day. This increases your chances of enjoying the tea house experience quickly.

Prepare for a steep and difficult trek to the Big Beehive. Take your time, use the correct hiking skills, and pace yourself.

Bring some cash with you since the Lake Agnes tea house accepts only cash. This will guarantee that you can enjoy the tea and refreshments they provide without difficulty.

Along the hike, be wary of animals, particularly bears. To guarantee your safety, familiarize yourself with bear safety techniques, make noise when hiking, carry bear spray, and follow the rules offered by park officials.


So, there you have it: 5 amazing hikes in the Banff National Park that will leave you speechless. Pack your hiking boots, pick your camera, and load your bag for a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring the hikes of Banff National Park.

The breathtaking views, clean mountain air, and opportunity to see animals in their natural environment will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. What exactly are you waiting for? It’s time to put on your boots and explore Banff for yourself. There is no better spot to reconnect with nature and nurture your spirit, with gorgeous paths for hikers of all levels. Hiking is fun! Thanks for reading, If you think I forgot something or if you simply want to share a story or some advice, feel free to leave your comment below.! Be safe and happy hiking.!

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