7 Top Rated Camping Tents for Every Budget and Style

Camping trips are simply awesome, giving us the perfect opportunity to unwind under the sky. There is truly nothing similar to escaping with your friends or family and heading on an adventurous camping trip with one of the top rated camping tents.

Camping is more amusing when you share it with your family or friends. When you are camping with a large group of family members or friends, you need the proper family size tent. With tents promptly available to cater to two or more peoples, you can make your camping outing a memorable experience.

But you probably don’t want to spend  most of your camping trip setting up your tent. Manufacturers have tracked down sharp ways of making their tent layout more convenient, including connecting the poles to the material so there are no pieces to gather. Some family tents can be assembled in 60 seconds, particularly when you have become familiar with their assembling.

When you go to buy a family tent, you’ll find different options for 4 -5 people, 8 people or 10 people. To help you to make the best choice, I have searched for you the best rated family camping tents, I have made a list for you of the top 7 family camping tents.

Here ‘s My Suggested 7 Top Rated Camping Tents

1.Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup. This tent is quick, simple, and inexpensive. The Coleman Cabin Tent is a minimal tent, and instant setup is one of its prominent features. The tent goes from its pack to completely raised and tied up in under 60 seconds. If you’re looking for a tent that is; simple, quick to set up and inexpensive, then The Coleman Cabin with Instant Setup is all you need.

Top Rated Camping Tents

Two twin air mattresses can be placed inside and you still have about a foot left of space. The Cabin has three enormous windows, two storage pockets and simple access vents on the roof.


  • Weatherproof: Inverted seams and welded corners hold the water back from leaking in.
  • Improved ventilation: Integrated rainfly provides additional weather safety with a better wind stream.
  • Durable: Double-thick texture holds up the components for many seasons to come.
  • Quick setup in minutes.


fam11 3

Brand: Coleman

Design: Camping tent

Color: Gray/black

Installation kind: Instant

Dimensions: Height: 6 feet

Size: 10 x 9 feet

Capacity: 6 persons

Perfect for: Camping, hiking and backpacking


  • Easy setup
  • Reasonable price


The construction design could have been better.

2. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

A simple and short description of the Core Instant Cabin Tent is: incredible design, reasonable price and easy setup!

The design is self-supporting which means that tying it up to the ground isn’t mandatory, however, this is highly recommended to do so. The frame of this instant cabin tent is pre-assembled and the poles are connected to the internal tent, so the entire arrangement is amazingly simple and only takes seconds to complete. If your group intends to divide it, the included room divider makes it a two-room tent. So, you can easily enjoy separate living or get a separate sleeping room.


It is a 3-season tent, which means that it can withstand harsher weather conditions (winds and rains).


  • Capacity for 9 people and their accessories.
  • With flexible ventilation on each side of the tent, you can let the air out and cool air in on those warm summer evenings.
  • The 78-inch center height provides adequate space to walk around and move easily.
  • Electrical cord access port.
  • Furnished with water resistant PU covered texture and taped seams to make sure there is no dampness.
  • Contains carry bag, rainfly and tent shakes.
  • Zipper Closure.


fam22 1

Brand: Core

Pack weight: 37lbs

Prominent Features: Rainfly, Tent Stakes

Instant poles: pre-assembled poles.


  • Amazingly simple to use
  • Incredible cost.
  • Divider and two rooms arrangement.
  • Enormous space.


  • Lack of Vestibule.

3. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

This Coleman WeatherMaster 6-person tent has ample space and offers great comfort. But what set it apart from the others on my list is that it has a marvelous screen room. This spectacular screen room allows you to relax and enjoy a bug-free environment.

It’s a great tent for camping trips. Mesh pockets included in the tent give you additional storage to keep your stuff nearby without taking up a significant area of the living space. In total, the tent has two rooms and one screened room. The screened room is floorless, so, if you need to place a table and chairs, you don’t have to worry about breaking the floor fabric. On the facade of the screen is a focal vertical zipper, so you can use it to enter the screen room and inside the tent.

fam3 1

This is a 4 season tent, intended to be used in good and harsher weather conditions, it can handle a great deal of rain and stronger winds.


  • Bug-free screen room
  • Easy entry and exits with hinged doors
  • E-Port makes it simple to bring electrical power inside the tent
  • Mesh pockets for additional storage (your necessary stuff)
  • Adequate space for two queen airbeds
  • rainfly for additional weather safety
  • Easy to set up in just 20 minutes


Brand: Coleman

Color: Brown

fam33 3

Design: Camping tent

Product dimensions: size: 17 feet x 9 feet

Height: 80 inches

Weight: 32 Pounds

Perfect for: Hiking and Camping

Capacity: 6 people

Seasons- 4 Season

Material: Polyester


  • The marvelous screen room provides a bug-free environment.
  • Hinged doors are helpful
  • Large spacious tent
  • Great construction making it durable
  • Splendid mesh pockets for extra storage


  • Set up could be faster.

4.The Coleman 8-Person Elite Montana Tent

The Coleman Montana Elite 8 tent is a lighted tent that accommodates 8 individuals. If for your next camping trip, you are looking for a spacious tent for camping with your family and friends, then the Coleman Montana Elite 8 is your ultimate choice!

Nothing can beat the pleasure of watching an animated movie with your kids in a warm and cozy tent in the evening at the campsite!


It has a simple design so you don’t need to worry about assembling it. There’s sufficient space to fit in three queen size mattresses that can be placed in the middle and the two sides. Auto roll windows make this tent super comfortable. All Coleman tents are intended to endure up to 35 mph winds.

The ventilation is up to the mark and the tent remains cool even in sunny weather.



  • Inverted seams and welded floors prevent water from getting in.
  • Continuous pole sleeves and snag-free for easy assembling.
  • An expanded door overhang makes a dry region for passage and storage.
  • Rainfly for additional weather safety.
  • Angled windows prevent rainwater from coming in.
  • Easy entry and exits with hinged doors.
  • Poles are securely attached to the tent with the help of a pin-and-ring system.
  • Storage pockets for additional storage (your necessary stuff)
  • Adequate space for 3 queen size beds.
  • Solid Polyguard texture is made to endure significantly for many seasons.
  • Set up requires only 15 minutes.


Brand: Coleman

Capacity: 7 or more person

Color: Palm Green

Dimensions: size: 16 feet x 7 feet

Height: 74 inches

Design: Camping tent

Installation type: Fast setup

Perfect for: Hiking and Camping


  • Great ventilation
  • LED light
  • USB port for charging devices
  • Convenience with Hinged doors (no zipper problems)


  • Permeability could be improved.

5. MOON LENCE Instant Pop Up Family Tent 4-5 Person

The MOON LENCE Pop Up Family camping tent has a capacity of 4 to 5 persons. It’s a portable tent with 2 doors and 2 windows and is well ventilated with its 2 story vents. The best part is that all of these features come at a great price.


You can have this tent set up in a short period of time, and one person can set it up effortlessly. It is completely detached so you can set it up anywhere on the campsite. You can turn it around with ease. However, you should read the guidelines and tie up the poles appropriately.

One of its distinguishing features is that it comes with a dry setup. That means you can prepare it in the rain, the fly is pre attached, so that the internal part can stay dry. This isn’t like it in regular tents where you have a separate fly that you connect after you raise the inside of the tent with the frame. It is the ideal model for a couple or a couple with one or two little children.


  • 100 percent Polyester
  • Instant Pop up Mechanism allows you to set up tent interior in 1 minute or less
  • 190T PU material and 210D Oxford Ground Sheet give 2000mm water resistance and amazing UV obstruction.
  • The Windows and Door outfitted with excellent SBS zippers can be shut firmly which give more grounded protection from harsh weather.
  • 1D-molded doors with double zippers and 4 enormous mesh windows give much better ventilation.
  • Can be carried easily. Moveable.




Shape: square

Weight: 10.25 pounds

Capacity: 4 persons

Installation type: Pop up, instant

Seasons: fall

Perfect for: Hiking and Camping

Design: camping tent


  • Great price
  • Good ventilation
  • Amazingly simple to use
  • Two doors


  • Could be a bit more spacious for 4 people

6. CAMPROS Tent-8-Person-Camping-Tents

If you are going with a large group on your next camping trip and wonder which tent would work for you, I’ll say the CAMPROS Camping Tent! This family tent has adequate space to fit eight sleeping bags. In case you need separate sections, there is a divider that allows you to have a separate sleeping section. Families with children often like to have a separate space for their children. Mesh windows allow the fresh air to flow inside the tent, which is great on a warm summer day.


This tent is hassle free to set up, even two people can assemble it in about 5 minutes. This tent includes well-constructed poles and a good zipper.

You can perfectly fit 8 sleeping bags or 3 queen air mattresses in this tent, making it the perfect choice for a family camping trip on any camping site.



  • Made with durable 185T polyester.
  • The 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coat makes it water resistant.
  • The tent remains dry in light rain.
  • 3 seasoned tents.
  • Large carry bag. You can put it back in its carry bag without any problem.
  • The Mesh top and the 5 mesh windows allow the breeze to come in and keep the bugs out.
  • Divided curtain to give separate room.
  • One-year quality assurance to offer you a risk free purchase.
  • Comes with stainless stakes and guy line rope for additional safety.



Capacity: 8 persons

Installation type: freestanding, rooftop

Material: fiberglass

Design: camping tent

Weight: 17.4 pounds

Best used for Hiking and Camping.


  • Mesh Windows
  • Incredible folding design
  • Sturdy


  • Only one zipper.

7. UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents

The UNP camping tent can accommodate 10 sleeping bags with the tent having 162 square feet of space. The good part is that it is a 3 seasoned tent, so you can go on adventurous camping trips without worrying about the weather conditions.

The roomy interior of this tent contains a mesh mosquito rooftop. This means that you can look at the stars without any mosquitos disturbing you and spoiling your fun. This mesh rooftop is good at keeping mosquitoes and other irritating bugs out. You’ll find a built-in gear loft which is very useful for keeping dried clothes and various things. Just like in any other tents, the mesh pockets allow you to store and organize your personal stuff.


The availability of an electrical access port allows you to take a cord from your devices to an external power source. Plus, you are guaranteed to stay in one spot, this tent is protected through the Patented Foot Sleeves that hold the included FRP poles safely in place during rough weather conditions.


  • Dome-shaped tent with five windows and two doors.
  • Adequate ventilation
  • An electrical access port allows you to take a cord from your devices to an external power source.
  • Separating screen in the center.
  • Suitable for warm or dry weather.


Brand: UNP

Design: Camping tent

Weight: 23.1 pounds

Shape: Dome

Installation: Freestanding

Capacity: 10 people

Best for Camping and Hiking


  • Electrical access ports
  • Suitable for all 3 seasons
  • Good Ventilation
  • Patented Foot Sleeves prevents poles from slipping


  • Thin Floor.

Kinds of Family Camping Tents

It’s important to be aware of the various kind of tents, since some are more appropriate for different characteristics – like the shape of the tent for having the option to handle harsher weather conditions or other types of tents for having more inside space for larger families.

1. Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents are composed of two or more bended poles joined by the tent texture. The pole design makes a passage that has steady upward stature. Some tunnel tents have a bigger area in the center with more than one rooms. Putting up a tunnel tent is normally quite simple. However, they are not freestanding and require quite a few stakes and guy lines.

2. Dome Tents

Dome tents have two poles that get over one another to make the tent design. Dome tents are freestanding and don’t require any guy lines or stakes to keep them up. A waterproof layer can be installed on top of it. They are extremely simple and fast to set up.

3. Cabin Tents

These tents have vertical or close to vertical dividers, so they look like a lodge when they are set up. The upward dividers mean that the interior of the tent is exceptionally open and you have plenty of headroom. They are good for individuals who would rather not slouch over in the tent or want to use a cot bed or needs more height inside the tent.

4. Modified Dome Tents

Modified dome tents utilize the crisscrossing pole design, they also have a bended pole (or poles). If someone wishes to get additional rooms, he can add two curved poles to each side of the dome. The added space is slanted though, so it doesn’t give a lot of additional interior space. Some have extra rooms. These tents have semi-freestanding structures.

5. Popup Tents

Popup tents generally have a couple of poles that are built into the tent texture. The poles are adaptable and keep looped up. When the tent is uncoiled, it pops into shape. Fast and simple setup.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Family Tent:

  • Sleeping Capacity of the Tent

When choosing your tent, first pick a model according to your gathering’s size and make sure to add extra space for additional companions, stuff or pets. Remember, that they are no industry standards that characterize the size you need, only you makes this choice.

  • 3 or 4 Seasoned Tent

The most well-known selection of tents is 3-season tents, which are lightweight made for the mild conditions of spring, summer and fall. They are typically furnished with adequate mesh panels to help wind streams. The essential elements of 3-season tents:

  • Protect you from bugs.
  • Keep you dry during light snow or rain.
  • Give protection.
  • Tent height requirement

If you like having the option to stand up while changing garments or enjoy the space of a high roof, then, look for a tent with a tall peak stature. If you’re tall or like extra space, consider a tent with a height of 80 inches and up.

  • Tent Poles

A tent’s pole structure helps decide how simple or hard it will be to put up. Essentially all family tents these days are freestanding. This implies that they don’t need stakes to be inserted into the ground. The huge benefit of this is that you can grab the tent and move it to an alternate area of your choice.

  • Tent Materials

Know that higher-denier texture coverings and rainflies are tougher than lower-denier ones.

  • Tent Doors

Keep in mind the number of doors you want as well as their shape and direction. If you’re camping with your family, numerous entryways could be great so you would not step over one another.

  • Ventilation

Mesh panels are regularly utilized in the roof, entryways and windows of tents. This allows a better view outside and improves cross-ventilation and help with humidity buildup.


A rainfly is a separate waterproof cover made to fit over the top of your tent. Roof-only rainflies allow more light and views while offering fair rain security. Full-inclusion rainflies offer great protection against windy and rainy weather.

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Camping is an adventurous and fun activity especially when you do it with a group of people. When going with friends or your family, you need to make sure that you have a good and spacious family camping tent with all the necessary features. You may need a 3,4, 6 or 10 person tent, so look carefully for the tent capacity, ventilation, tent floor, materials used, tent length and height, Thanks for reading, If you think I forgot something or if you simply want to share a story or some advice, please feel free to leave your comment below…..Be Safe and Happy Camping.!

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