5 Best Yoho National Park Camping Sites For Nature Lovers

Yoho National Park, located in the Canadian Rockies, is a mind-blowing vacation spot for nature fans and out of doors enthusiasts. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and numerous natural world, Yoho National Park offers unforgettable camping enjoyment. In this article, we will discover the 5 Best Yoho National Park Camping Sites inside the park, presenting you with data to help you plan your future adventure in this natural wonderland.

Here Are the 5 Best Yoho National Park Camping Sites:

1. Kicking Horse Campground

Kicking Horse Campground

Kicking Horse Campground is an incredibly sought-after camping destination located on the western facet of Yoho National Park. Situated near Field, this campground is smooth on hand thru the Trans-Canada Highway. Nestled amidst towering trees and stunning mountain views, Kicking Horse Campground provides a serene and picturesque setting.

The campground capabilities over 80 campsites, appropriate for each tent and RV. Amenities and facilities include picnic tables, fire pits, potable water, and flush toilets. For outdoor lovers, numerous sports are nearby, including hiking the Iceline Trail, exploring the natural wonders of Takakkaw Falls, or embarking on a scenic drive along the Kicking Horse River. Understanding natural world encounters and clinging to park pointers is critical to ensure safety.

To maximize your camping enjoyment at Kicking Horse Campground, consider these pointers: arrive early to secure an acceptable campsite and appropriate equipment for converting weather conditions, and keep meals secure to prevent wildlife interactions.

Kicking Horse Campground Features:

  • Spacious and well-maintained campsites with fire pits and picnic tables for a comfortable outdoor experience.
  • Modern washroom facilities with hot showers and clean toilets, ensuring convenience and hygiene for campers.
  • Camp store offering essential supplies, firewood, camping gear, snacks, and drinks, making it convenient for campers to stock up on necessities.
  • Playground area for children, providing a safe and enjoyable space for them to play and have fun during their camping trip.
  • Access to potable water sources throughout the campground, ensuring campers have a reliable supply of drinking water.

2. Hoodoo Creek Campground

Hoodoo Creek Campground

Nestled inside the heart of Yoho National Park, Hoodoo Creek Campground is a famous preference for nature fanatics searching for tranquility and natural beauty. Located close to Field, this campground is effortlessly available from the Trans-Canada Highway and offers a peaceful retreat surrounded by lush forests and beautiful mountain vistas.

Hoodoo Creek Campground provides approximately 30 campsites appropriate for tents and smaller RVs. The campground has simple amenities, including picnic tables, fireplace rings, and pit toilets. It’s essential to say that potable water isn’t available at this campground, so people need to bring their very own or treat water from close by sources.

While camping at Hoodoo Creek, There are plenty of activities in which you can participate . Explore the captivating Hoodoo Trail, wherein precise rock formations captivate hikers or embark on the nearby Yoho Valley Trail for a more fabulous and challenging adventure. Wildlife sightings are commonplace in this location, so keep a respectful distance and follow proper natural world viewing etiquette.

To decorate your tenting revel at Hoodoo Creek Campground, remember those hints: carry extra water for consumption and cooking,  insect repellent for mosquitoes and different bugs, and be organized for cooler temperatures, especially in the evenings.

Features of Hoodoo Creek Campground:

  • Hoodoo Creek Campground offers spacious and well-defined campsites with fire pits and picnic tables, providing a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.
  • The campground features clean and modern washroom facilities with hot showers and flushing toilets, ensuring convenience and comfort for campers.
  • Hoodoo Creek Campground provides access to potable water sources, ensuring campers have a reliable supply of drinking water during their stay.
  • The campground offers a camp store where campers can purchase essential supplies, firewood, camping gear, snacks, and drinks, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
  • Hoodoo Creek Campground features a designated swimming area or access to nearby lakes or rivers, allowing campers to cool off and enjoy water activities during the summer months.

3. Monarch Campground

Monarch Campground

Situated within the southeastern place of Yoho National Park, Monarch Campground offers a tranquil breakout surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. Accessible via the Trans-Canada Highway and located close to Lake Louise, this campground offers a handy base for exploring the wonders of Yoho National Park.

Monarch Campground functions with about 30 campsites, accommodating tents and smaller RVs. Amenities consist of picnic tables, hearth pits, and pit toilets. It’s essential to observe that there may be no potable water available at this campground, so visitors ought to bring their own or deal with water from nearby resources.

Within proximity to Monarch Campground, you will find an array of exciting activities. Take a short hike to the spell binding Wapta Falls, considered one of the largest waterfalls in the Canadian Rockies, or task in addition to exploring the stunning Emerald Lake. Wildlife lovers can hold an eye fixed out for sightings of bears, elk, and diverse chicken species.

To optimize your camping experience at Monarch Campground, consider these pointers: arrive early during peak seasons to secure a campsite, convey adequate water for drinking and cooking, and Maintaining a clean and organized site will help prevent the intrusion of insects, other creatures and wildlife.

Features of the Monarch Campground”

  • Scenic Campsites: Monarch Campground offers picturesque campsites nestled amidst beautiful natural surroundings, providing a serene and tranquil environment for campers.
  • Modern Facilities: The campground boasts modern amenities such as clean and well-maintained restrooms, hot showers, and convenient water access points, ensuring a comfortable camping experience.
  • Outdoor Recreational Activities: Monarch Campground offers a range of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking trails, fishing spots, and opportunities for wildlife observation, providing endless entertainment and exploration.
  • Campfire Rings and Picnic Areas: The campground provides designated campfire rings where campers can gather around a crackling fire, share stories, and enjoy a cozy evening. Additionally, well-maintained picnic areas are available for outdoor dining and relaxation.
  • RV-Friendly: Monarch Campground welcomes RV enthusiasts and offers RV-friendly amenities such as spacious campsites with electrical hookups and dump stations for convenient waste disposal, catering to the needs of recreational vehicle campers.

4. Takakkaw Falls Campground

Takakkaw Falls Campground

Takakkaw Falls Campground is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Yoho National Park, imparting an unforgettable camping adventure. Located close to Field, this campground is available via a picturesque drive along Yoho Valley Road.

The campground presents about forty campsites appropriate for each tent and RV. Basic amenities include picnic tables, fireplace pits, and pit toilets. Please observe that there may be no potable water available at this campground, so people must convey their own or treat water from nearby sources.

Camping at Takakkaw Falls Campground allows immersing yourself in the herbal wonders of Yoho National Park. Viewing the majesty of the long-lasting Takakkaw Falls, which stands at an incredible height of 373 meters (1,224 ft), or embark on the nearby Yoho Glacier Trail for a challenging yet profitable hike. Wildlife sightings are not unusual in this place, so respect warnings and preserve a respectful distance.

To make sure of a memorable camping experience at Takakkaw Falls Campground, recall these pointers: be organized for cooler temperatures due to the campground’s higher elevation, p.C. Right hiking equipment for exploring nearby trails. Leave No Trace principles to preserve the park’s natural splendor.

Features of The Takakkaw Falls Campground:

  • Proximity to Takakkaw Falls: Takakkaw Falls Campground offers campers the unique advantage of being located in close proximity to the magnificent Takakkaw Falls, providing breathtaking views and an unforgettable natural experience.
  • Campsites with Scenic Views: The campground provides campsites that offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, lush forests, and the cascading Takakkaw Falls, creating a picturesque backdrop for campers.
  • Hiking Trails: Takakkaw Falls Campground is situated near various hiking trails, allowing visitors to embark on scenic treks through the wilderness and explore the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.
  • Visitor Center and Interpretive Programs: The campground features a visitor center where campers can access information about the local flora, fauna, and geology. Additionally, interpretive programs are available to enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the natural environment.
  • Camp Store and Supplies: Takakkaw Falls Campground offers a camp store stocked with essential supplies, including firewood, groceries, camping equipment, and other necessities, ensuring that campers have easy access to the items they need for a comfortable stay.

5. Lake O’Hara Campground

Lake OHara Campground

Nestled amidst the alpine beauty of Yoho National Park, Lake O’Hara Campground provides an exceptional camping experience for those who prefer tenting. Located in the Japanese part of the park, close to Field, this campground provides a gateway to one of the most scenic areas within the Canadian Rockies.

Access to Lake O’Hara Campground is restricted and requires reservations in advance via Parks Canada. Only a small range of traffic is granted the right of entry every day, ensuring a tranquil and one-of-a-kind tenting environment. To reach the campground, traffic can take a go-back-and-forth bus from the car parking zone at Lake O’Hara or embark on a challenging hike alongside the Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit.

Lake O’Hara Campground has approximately 30 campsites, which might be nestled amidst a pristine alpine setting. Basic amenities consist of picnic tables, fireplace pits, and pit toilets. Please observe that there may be no potable water available at the campground, so site visitors should bring their own water or treat water from nearby sources.

Camping at Lake O’Hara offers extraordinary access to a plethora of herbal wonders. The location boasts awe-inspiring hiking trails, including the Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit, which takes you through meadows decorated with vibrant wildflowers, crystal-clear lakes, and up to breathtaking mountain vistas. The campground is likewise near beautiful landmarks like Lake Oesa and Wiwaxy Gap, imparting further exploration opportunities.

Lake Oesa

To ensure a memorable tenting experience at Lake O’Hara Campground, remember those guidelines: Ensure your reservations for camping at O’Hara Campground are made in advance., It is essential to have vital trekking gear and suitable attire specifically designed for alpine conditions., so, you can admire the sensitive alpine ecosystem by staying on distinctive trails and following the Leave No Trace ideas.

Lake O’Hara Campground is a hidden gem inside Yoho National Park.

Features of The Lake O’Hara Campground:

  • Pristine Alpine Lake: Lake O’Hara Campground provides campers with direct access to the stunning Lake O’Hara, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking alpine scenery, offering a perfect setting for swimming, kayaking, and fishing.
  • Limited Access: The campground has a limited number of visitors allowed each day, ensuring a peaceful and uncrowded camping experience amidst the tranquility of the surrounding mountains and forests.
  • Hiking Paradise: Lake O’Hara Campground is a gateway to an extensive network of hiking trails, ranging from leisurely walks to challenging alpine routes. Campers can explore the alpine meadows, majestic peaks, and picturesque waterfalls that dot the landscape.
  • Shuttle Service: To preserve the pristine environment, Lake O’Hara operates a shuttle bus service that transports campers to and from the campground, minimizing the impact of vehicle traffic and providing convenient access to the trailheads and other points of interest.
  • Guided Interpretive Tours: The campground offers guided interpretive tours led by knowledgeable staff, providing campers with insightful information about the ecology, geology, and cultural history of the Lake O’Hara area, enhancing their overall camping experience.


Yoho National Park presents numerous tenting options for nature enthusiasts. This article highlights five camping sites: Kicking Horse Campground, Hoodoo Creek Campground, Monarch Campground, Takakkaw Falls Campground, and Lake O’Hara Campground. These sites not only provide picturesque locations but also offer a range of amenities for an exhilarating camping experience. Whether you are in search of awe-inspiring waterfalls, stunning mountain panoramas, or tranquil seclusion, the camping sites in Yoho National Park offer an ideal backdrop for your next outdoor adventure. Embrace the splendor of this natural paradise and forge memories that will endure a lifetime.

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