Best Portable Camping Generator-Be Well Informed When Buying

If you are going camping, it is always a good idea to bring along a backup power source so that you do not have to rely on your vehicle or RV battery. It’s for this reason that we’re likely to talk about the best portable camping generator.

Even as a child, I recall having conflicting emotions about family camping excursions, to put it mildly. Yes, the character was fantastic, and I’m guessing the bonding period was equally as enjoyable. However, children, as well as adults these days, can become bored. Fortunately, we now have a plethora of electronic devices to keep us engaged.

However, in order for these devices to function, they require electricity, which is precisely what a camping generator could provide. So, today in this article, I will guide you on certain important aspects of a portable camping generator and finally guide you in choosing the best one that suits your needs!

What is a Generator?

Generators are devices that can provide an emergency source of electricity for numerous activities that require electricity when a regular mains supply is not available. It is extensively utilized in locations that experience periodic power outages or in areas that are not connected to an electrical source.

This gadget must be able to produce electricity completely on its own, without the assistance of an external source of electrical energy. The alternative method used to feed the generator is fuel. Powered by a gas or fuel engine, the generator will engage, then, electricity is produced. The engine will generate a rotating movement, which will allow the generator to be engaged and rotate once the user has activated it.

What are The Best Portable Camping Generators used for?

Best Portable Camping Generator

Portable generators are typically used in emergency scenarios. The fact is that many homes will keep their portable generators stored until a calamity comes, and there is nothing wrong with this. They are a must-have in the event of a power outage, especially if it is a long power outage caused by Mother Nature.

When you hear about regions and states that have been without electricity for three weeks, it might be a little frightening. We all know that a portable generator is useful in an emergency situation, but let’s look at some of the other situations in which they might be useful.

Camping: When camping, it sure is a good idea to bring a generator, but make sure it is a quiet one; you don’t want to attract or scare animals from the nearby area with your loud generator, and you sure don’t want to put up with a loud engine noise while enjoying nature!

Tailgating: You might want to double-check whether it’s permissible where you’re heading, but if you’re able to use a generator to power your electric grill, all the better!

Roughing It in the RV: Have you ever longed to get away for a week and forget about everything and everyone? Yes. You can accomplish it right now. Take your generator and your RV and head out of town for a few days to blow some steam off.

What are the Different Types of Generators?

As far as gasoline generator types are concerned, there are only three types: the gasoline one, the bi-fuel one and the tri-fuel one!

1. Gasoline Generator

A gasoline generator is an ideal portable power option, the gasoline generator can be used as a backup power source for all your needs on a camping site and can also be used for any other needs like furnaces, sewage pumps in the case of a power loss, as a continuous power source for business applications, or for almost any basic domestic projects.

As a note here, the diesel generators are also quite popular, but mostly used on places that require a stronger power source like construction sites, forestry, mines, etc.

2. Bi-Fuel Generator

The dual fuel generator can run on either gasoline or LPG (propane), and it allows you to switch between the two fuels without having to shut down the engine. It is simple to switch between fuels, and you are not restricted by the availability of fuel. If you’re seeking for a generator that can operate constantly for several days, a generator with two different fuel options will be your best bet.

The dual fuel generator can be used as a standby generator or as a power source for camping, caravans, and RVs, depending on the application. You can use them with both type of fuel, gasoline, and propane.

3. Tri-Fuel Generator

The benefits of a tri-fuel generator are the same as those of a dual-fuel generator, with the addition of the ability to use an additional fuel option. People can convert between propane, natural gas, diesel, and gasoline if needed.

As an ideal portable power option, the tri-fuel generator can be used as a backup power source for furnaces and sewage pumps in the case of a power loss, but these models are mostly used in remote areas and by workers in the wilderness, camps, or by the serious outdoor lovers.

What to Look for while Buying a Portable Generator?


1. Noise

This characteristic is simply one of several generic features that I employ while evaluating a product. If you’re seeking for a quiet portable generator, you might wonder what factors influence the level of noise.

The power, on the other hand, has a significant impact on the sound level. Because smaller devices will use less power and therefore be quieter, you can be assured that they will be relatively silent as well.

2. Portability

Obviously, if you go with a more compact one while camping, your life will be much easier. They are, on the other hand, far more straightforward. However, the size of a generator has an impact on not only its portability, but also the volume of sound it produces, as previously stated. Furthermore, it frequently indicates how much power it possesses.

3. Fuel Form

Even though there are many other types of fuel-based generators that people can use, most of the ones available on the market are powered by gas. In addition to gas generators, there are gasoline and maybe even battery-powered generators that can be used in conjunction with solar panels. (You can read more about Solar Generators in my article.: 6 Top Portable Solar Generators for Camping!

However, they are the quietest generators available, followed by gasoline and natural gas generators.

4. Outlets for Electrical Devices

Finally, we must pay attention to the number, kind, and voltage of electrical outlets available. Some of the cheaper generators may just have one electrical outlet. If the type of the plug does not match the type you require, an adapter plug can easily correct the situation.

Most generators feature 120 V alternating current outlets, with a few more powerful generators additionally having 240 V outlets. Even better, a handful of the generators are equipped with DC power USB ports nowadays, which can be useful for charging electronic gadgets on the go.

Why Choose a Gasoline Generator over a Solar Powered One?

  • Gasoline generators are simple to use. You can place them almost anywhere and crank it up to start utilizing it!
  • You do not need to depend on weather factors like the sun. A gasoline generator runs on gas, and you can run it as often as you want while camping!
  • Some gasoline generators offer more output power while being portable when compared to solar ones.
  • Gasoline generators are a little cheaper when compared to solar ones. (Remember, I am just talking about the initial purchase cost. Of-course the maintenance cost is higher when compared to a solar one).
  • Gasoline generators can offer power on the go, whereas some solar generators require to store the charge in a battery first and then provide power.
  • Gasoline generators can work endlessly even in the night, whereas solar ones cannot (unless it’s the one that stores charge in a battery).

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The Bottom Line

So, this was all we have to say about portable gas generators. Hope this article helps you in choosing the perfect portable generator based on your needs. For more information on the best generators, read my Quietest Portable Generator for Camping! The Top 6! “ And if you have any important points to share, please do so in the comments below. Till then, stay tuned!

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