12 Tips to Buy the Best Rated Camping Tent Online

Camping is a fantastic way to get out of the city, get exercise, and appreciate nature. But if you are going camping with your family, you need a really big tent. Most of the time, people buy tents that are either too small or don’t have enough money for an expensive one. So, if you are looking for the best rated camping tent, I would recommend buying one online.

After you buy a tent online, it is delivered to your door without any hassle. In this article, I’ll discuss the 12 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Rated Camping Tent and what factors you should consider when doing so. You can further read my buying guide “The Best Family Camping Tent Reviews! Buying Guide!”  to give you a more in depth idea on the best outdoor camping tents and most popular models, whether you’re an experienced camper or just getting started, read on for some helpful advice!

12 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Rated Camping Tent

1) Size Of Tent

When it comes to camping, size definitely matters. First, you must find a tent with enough space for your whole family or group of friends. There are varied sizes of tents available in the market. I would recommend a 4-person tent if you’re going on a family trip or an 8-person tent if you’re going with several friends.

2) Types of Camping Tents

Camping tents come in all types of shapes, from dome to cabin. When choosing a shape, consider what type will be most useful to you at the campsite. For example, I would recommend a dome-style tent if you are camping with your family. Dome tents are easy to set up and have enough space for all of your gear. On the other hand, cabin tents are not as large, but they give you more privacy.

3) Ease Of Use

Another thing to consider is how easy the tent will be to set up. I would buy a tent with free-standing poles or one that can easily be put together with just one other person. If you are going camping with an inexperienced camper, I recommend looking for a free-standing tent.

4) Type of Tent Fabric

If you go to any big box store, most polyester tents will be more affordable but not as high quality. I don’t think it’s a clever idea to buy an expensive tent if your kids are really young because they can easily tear or rip the fabric. However, some brands make tents out of higher quality materials such as canvas and linen, making a better choice if you plan to use your tent regularly. These materials last longer and offer more durability when compared to polyester. Also, these fabrics don’t stretch like polyester, so rain flies and windows will operate more smoothly.

5) Durability Of The Tent And Its Features

Everyone wants their camping trip to go smoothly, and they don’t want anything bad like rain ruining their fun. So, when choosing a camping tent, make sure it is waterproof, strong enough to handle strong winds, and provides UV protection in the sun. I also check out what features are available in my price range too! For example, has the tent floor been treated with a durable waterproof coating? Does it have additional weatherproofing features like storm flaps on the zipper?

6) Brands Of Tent

The biggest brands of camping tents include Coleman, Eureka, and Wenzel, marmot, etc… When buying a tent online, make sure the brand is reputable because otherwise, you may end up with a cheap imitation that will not hold up well. The top brands are all designed to be sturdy and attractive, so they’re great for family camping trips. However, if your focus is more on pricing than substance, you can look at some other brands which can offer the best and closest characteristics for your needs.

7) Online Reviews Of Tent

Before you buy any camping gear online, I recommend that you look at the different reviews of previous customers. If possible, try to find pictures of tents set up so you can see exactly how large they are. It is important to go through these reviews because they will help you choose the right size tent for your family or group. When I buy a tent online, I always check out the different reviews and compare them to see any common themes.

8) Where You Are Going Camping

Best Rated Camping Tent

When buying a camping tent online, it is important to think about where you will be setting up your camp. If you are planning on camping in colder areas of the world, you should consider buying a 4-season tent because they are made for strong winds and snow. However, I would recommend that you do not buy them if you are not going to use them in snowy or windy weather conditions, because they may become unusable after a while. So, whether it’s winter camping or just an outdoor trip with your family and always keep in mind the diverse types of terrain that you might encounter when picking out your tent online.

9) When You Are Going Camping

For most people, camping is a seasonal activity and therefore it is important to buy the right type of tent. I would recommend choosing a backpacking or a hiking tent if you plan to take longer trips because they are smaller and lighter than family tents. If, however, your main reason for going camping is to go white water rafting, then find a larger waterproof tent with high-quality zippers and material. In addition, the different types of tents will keep you more comfortable in varying weather conditions. So, it’s worth researching before spending money.

10) Where To Buy A Tent Online?

There are many places where people can buy camping equipment online, but I would highly recommend buying from a reputable store because you have a wider variety. If you have never shopped online before, then now is the time because they have some incredible deals at the moment. In addition to tents, you can also find all sorts of different accessories and equipment. I would suggest that you pick up your tent as soon as possible so that if anything goes wrong or there are any problems with shipping, you’re protected by a full refund under their return policy.

11) Warranty

Many companies will offer a warranty on their tents. A warranty is important because it shows the companies are confident about the durability of their products! Usually, there are several types of warranties available, so be sure to check what type you are getting. For example, some will have lifetime guarantees on poles, and others will have fabric guarantees. I usually take advantage of warranties because it gives me peace of mind that the manufacturer will cover it if anything goes wrong.

12) Price of Tent

The last thing you want is to spend a lot on a tent that doesn’t have the features you need. If you don’t mind an older-style cabin tent with many poles, I am sure there’s one for sale at a very good price. In addition, if you really want a dome-style tent because it’s easy to set up, or a free-standing one but realise they are over your budget, then simply make sure to check all of your options before deciding which one to buy.


Whether you are looking to buy a camping tent online or even an indoor one, it is important to research and compare them before purchasing. Think about the different things like where you will be using the tent and when, where to buy the tent from, warranty details, etc., this will help you find exactly what you are looking for. To help you further, I have found the best and most popular models for you and listed them in my “The Best Family Camping Tent Reviews! Buying Guide!”. Choose the one that suits your need and have a wonderful camping adventure, be in your backyard or in nature. Happy Camping…!

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