Vehicle Roof Top Tents-How to Choose The Appropriate One

In some locations, it is often more intriguing to pitch your tent at a higher altitude rather than on the ground. Rooftop tents are a practical solution for those who like to travel and camp in their automobiles rather than on the ground. Designed to be mounted on the roof of your car, they provide you with protection from potential risks such as wild animals or the unpredictable nature of the terrain.

So, today in this article, I will write on what exactly are vehicle roof top tents for camping and how you can choose the best one according to your need!

What Exactly are Vehicle Roof Top Tents For Camping?

The roof tent is designed in the style of a traditional tent. It provides a high-quality shelter for your nights, thanks to its stretched canvas. Its uniqueness can be attributed to its setup location. It is true that the roof tent is built on the roof of a support structure, as its name suggests (which is in 99 percent of cases your car roof).

Your vehicle roof tent is equipped with a ladder that allows you to access the storage space there. The roof tent, which was invented in the 1950s during the period of the tourism boom, was quickly accepted by many travelers, to the detriment of the traditional tent on the ground. Not only does a car roof tent have a slew of features and capabilities, but when compared to a traditional tent, it always seems to perform better!

Advantages of a Car Roof Tent

Vehicle Roof Top Tents
  • The use of a roof tent has a number of advantages for the user. In essence, it is a vow of freedom, allowing its purchaser to be unconcerned about where the device will be installed. You have the freedom to ride wherever you want and sleep wherever you want. You are not wild camping in a protected area (Park) because you are on your roof.
  • It is designed to fit most type of vehicle roof carrying bars. Of course, the bigger the car, the bigger the tent can be! So, it is always advantageous to have an SUV over a mid-size compact city car as in the latter, the space would be more cramped.
  • It protects you from the hassles associated with animals and floods, among other things. Indeed, the roof tent keeps you from coming into direct touch with the ground, which is especially important in places where the ground is extremely uncomfortable or where insects and varmint are a constant occurrence.
  • As an bonus, you will save money because you will not be required to pay for hotel accommodations or a tent pitch at a campsite. A car roof tent is, in fact, quite simple to install and uninstall. Cleaning and maintaining the roof tent only takes a few minutes in the evening and early morning.
  • Ground tents are frequently restricted in some areas, which is not surprising. Vehicles are not barred from parking in spite of this prohibition. As a result, you may put up your roof tent anywhere you want without worrying about breaking the law, because your roof tent is a perfect way to get around this restriction.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Car Roof Tent!

When looking for the best rooftop tents, knowing how to choose them will come in handy because it will save you time. At the same time, you will avoid spending money on roof tent that you will end up storing in your garage since it is incompatible with your expectations later on. Here are some suggestions to assist you in making your decision.

1. Size

While reading my buying guide for the best rooftop tents, you will almost certainly come across some advice to consider like the size of your future roof tent. This is something that experts will almost always recommend. This criterion determines not just your level of comfort, but also the overall pragmatism of the situation.

Your shelter, like a typical camping tent on the ground, must, above all, provide you with a pleasant living place to sleep and rest. As a result, you shouldn’t feel claustrophobic once inside. Most companies make their models available in different sizes. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have any difficulty to find the size you need.

2. Weight

During your search, you will most likely ponder on how to purchase a roof top tent that has the best value for your money. We also recommend that you take into consideration the weight requirement. This parameter should be chosen in accordance with the capacity of the roof rack that will act as support.

Your vehicle and roof rack must be capable of supporting the weight of your roof tent while it is not in motion, but especially when it is in motion when driving, not set up of course.

3. Manufacturing Material

There is no urgent need to locate a store where you may buy a new roof tent as the easiest and trouble-free place in online. In addition to considering the size and weight of your future roof tent, you have to consider the materials used in it.

The fabrics should be supported by aluminum rods, which is preferred by connoisseurs. It has shown itself numerous times to be the best in a variety of environments in terms of resistance to wear and dampness. It also has a high level of corrosion and weather resistance.

Pay close attention to the way the fabric is finished. The fabric must primarily possess the following two characteristics:

  • Waterproof: Under no circumstances should water be allowed to penetrate into the structure. Opt for a model with a minimum index of 1500 Schmerber (1500 mm) to avoid any unpleasant nightly wet experiences!
  • Breathable: The best roof tent should be able to provide this feature in order to prevent humidity and heat build-up. The fabric must allow for maximum air exchange with the outside environment while still maintaining permeability.

On Which vehicles should you Install a Roof Tent?

Regardless of whether you drive a 4×4, a van, any city car, or a station wagon, the roof tent may be put on any vehicle in principle. You simply need to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with a proper roof rack. If this is not the case, don’t be alarmed. The installation of a roof rack on your vehicle is quite easy!

The maximum load that your vehicle can support must be considered when installing the rack on the roof of your vehicle. This will be important to remember when installing the bars. It is necessary to understand the type of racking that is appropriate for your vehicle and the roof tent in order to accomplish this.

It is recommended that you purchase at least a family car in practical terms. Even if you have a little car, the roof of your vehicle may be too narrow for you to sleep comfortably on it rather than inside the vehicle.

The Different Possible Uses of a Car Roof Tent!


The roof tent provides you with a variety of perspectives. If you are a camping enthusiast, you do not have to pull a caravan, purchase a motorhome, or rent a mobile home if you prefer to camp with your car. It will rapidly pay for itself throughout the course of your vacation and extended weekends.

You can take advantage of an interior room (for sleeping or sheltering) while maintaining a minimal footprint if you are an avid adventurer. Campers will have the option of setting up camp on trails or tracks or in natural settings. It is extremely simple to install on a roof rack and allows you to completely modify your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Every method of transportation, from the smallest city vehicle to the most imposing 4×4, can be accommodated.

In order to provide an innovative and peaceful holiday experience for the whole family, or in order to prepare for a walk or a nature expedition be by yourself or with your friend(s), the roof tent lends itself to play and may be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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The Bottom Line

So, now that you are a pro about roof top tents, you are now ready to purchase one! However, don’t forget to read my “7 Best Rated Roof Top Tents! Reviews And Buying Guide! “Before purchasing one. Also, if you are an expert on this topic and think that I have missed some important points, do let me know in the comments below!

Be Safe and Happy Camping.!

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