Camping With Toddlers Checklist-Keep Your Toddler Safe and Happy

Going camping with toddlers may seem overwhelming if you’re not a huge camper in the first place. This is why we created this Camping with toddlers checklist. How do you protect them? How are they fed? How do you keep them engaged? Is it worthwhile?

The answer is yes! Taking toddlers camping may be some of the most rewarding experiences of your life as you see them grow, gain confidence, and discover new and exciting things.

Exposing your toddler to the glories of the outdoors by allowing them to get close and personal with insects, see a sunrise or sunset and capture the scene with a camera, prepare food over an open fire, and explore the woods will bring a smile on your face and will fill your heart with delight.

So, take the risk and take your child camping! We’ve compiled a thorough list of camping necessities and toddler-friendly goods to make camping enjoyable for the whole family!

Camping With Toddlers Checklist!

First Aid Kit:

There are many first aid kits on the market. Have a famous one. Bring plasters, bandages, gauze, cleaning wipes, ice packs, and other multi-tools. Choose your gear appropriately to deal with toddler-related injuries that may occur in the woods. Make sure your toddler is taking all medications as prescribed by the doctor.

Try To Have Easy Food:

When camping with toddlers, simple cuisine is preferable. Your child will need additional energy after a long hike. If they can’t handle the heat, fast food may benefit them. Prepare meals that your child is familiar with at home. This includes bacon sandwiches, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, and toast.

Think About Freshwater:

While you are out and about, you are exposed to the Sun, and the humidity is out of your control. Feed the toddler regularly to keep him or her hydrated. It will help him feel better and prevent him from getting tired quickly. The availability of clean water is essential.

Bring a few liters of water with you if there is no water near your camping area. The baby will not ask for water; you must remember it and take action.

Have Sunscreen Lotion:

You cannot tell how much UV rays you’re getting while you’re in the Sun. Use sunscreen to keep your skin looking like it did before. Baby and toddler skin is very delicate and requires special care. Before proceeding, thoroughly read the manual on sunscreen.

Camping With Toddlers Checklist1

Appropriate Clothing:

Dress appropriately for the weather. Get some light cotton t-shirts to wear throughout the summer. Have some woolen sweatsuits on hand for the winter season. Get raincoats for everyone throughout the rainy season. It is not advisable to plan and start a trip during a snowstorm.

Hiking Distance Should Be Minimum:

Toddlers may get exhausted during hiking. As a result, hiking with toddlers for a long period is not suggested. Take a hike near your camping site. Hiking on a mountainous route with a child is complicated. Their feet may burn if they move too quickly, so they must be careful. We suggest wearing good hiking shoes; kids have sensitive skin, as mentioned above.

Headlamp For Toddler:

A headlamp is entertaining for children and is necessary throughout the night. Take it with you when you take your toddler out to the restroom. Make sure to bring some spare batteries. Change them on as required.

Bring Set For Scavenger Hunts Online:

Online, you may find free wildlife treasure hunts. You’ll be relieved if you have a child with you when hiking. You may even play it away from the campsite. Create your search adventure for your child. It will be a hit with the kids.

Taking Care Of Teeth:

If your child cannot clean their teeth, there is an issue. During camping, the daily routine is altered, and many people fail to maintain their hygiene during this period. If the child is still very young, take a toothbrush and tooth paste with you.

Ensure Time To-Time Nap:

An infant or toddler has greater sleep requirements than an adult. Make sure that they get enough sleep. Otherwise, they will be exhausted all of the time. As a result, they will not enjoy the trip.

Get A Nanny Cam:

Bring your nanny cam along. Use them when they are sleeping in the camp, and you are outdoors. You may even conceal a tiny camera in their clothing to protect them from getting misplaced.

Gears Should Be Portable:

Bring all of the stuff needed to set up a tent. Make everything moveable to avoid creating an extra weight. Multifunctional items are also helpful, and don’t bring anything heavy. There is also lightweight furniture on the market designed specifically for camping trips. And for small gear, you can carry it in a hiking backpack.

Go For Glamping Instead Of Pitched Up Tent:

Consider ‘glamping’ or choosing weatherproof-ready camp tents to make life simpler when camping with toddlers. This will allow you to bypass the inconveniences of setting up and packing the tent and enjoy the whole adventure.

Have A Trial Camp In The Backyard:

Before heading into the woods with your toddler, consider camping in your garden. This will assist you in comprehending the requirements for a good camping trip with a child. If you don’t have a yard, you may put it in a garage or home. After getting used to it, take your toddler on a genuine camping vacation.

Camping With Toddlers Checklist2

Tips For Camping With Toddlers:

Before You Go Camping, Do The Following Preparations:

•   For your first few travels, reserve a camping spot with an outside restroom. Before you travel, practice using unfamiliar bathrooms and trees, so your child feels comfortable.

•       Regardless of how nice or primitive your campsite is, your toddler will enjoy it.

•       Purchase a larger tent, and you’ll welcome the additional space for the cot and other equipment.

•       Before you go, let your child practice sleeping in a sleeping bag or camping cot.

•       They may first get familiar with the tent by playing in it at home. Sleep in it as well.

When You’ve Finished Assembling The Tent:

•       Make your camp early. Allow yourself enough time to be engaged with your child.

•       When camping with a child, staying away from water, busy highways, and thick shrubbery is a good idea.

•       Make your camp near the restroom. You’ll find more uses for them than you expected.

•       To keep the sleeping tent clean, keep toddlers out of it while not sleeping. Take a quick pop-up tent with you so kids       may play in it if they are captivated by the tent.

•       The first night is the most difficult. After that, toddlers will have a good night’s rest.

•       Keep toddlers warm on a chilly night by dressing them in socks, hats, mittens, a snowsuit, or a sleep sack.

Make Camping Fun For Your Toddlers:

•       Keep things easy and gradual. Meals, activities, and responsibilities

•       Maintain your at-home sleeping practices while at camp.

•       Prepare a nutritious breakfast to keep them (and you) going!

•       Pack plenty of food. Toddlers become hungry when they go camping.

•       If you’re concerned about your child getting lost at the camping, write your phone number on their sleeve. Special hiking boots with bells also aid in tracking children at the camp, particularly if they are runners or wanderers.

•       In camp restrooms, a fold-up stool might be useful so kids can wash their teeth without you having to hold them over the basin.

•       Normal camping activities will most likely amuse your toddler.

•       Recognize that toddlers take a long time to go anyplace, so unless you want to carry them, slow down the hiking speed and let them lead, and plan on seeing everything in a very small distance rather than trying long hikes.

•       Allow your 2- or 3-year-old to “assist” you. Get them to gather twigs for the fire, lay down the tablecloth, and wash their plates and drinks.

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Finally, camping with toddlers is similar to camping without them. Sure, you need to pack some additional gear, ensure they’re secure, and listen to their every want…

However, do all you need to do to ensure you are comfortable and loving your vacation as much as possible. Then, when things become challenging, realize that you have a choice. What do you think about all of this?

It is OK to be upset if the vacation does not go as planned. Follow some of these suggestions, be prepared, and make a plan. Remember why you’re camping with your toddlers and what’s wonderful about this circumstance, and soak in their smiles, laughter, and experiences as a reward for all your hard work in making the vacation possible in the first place!

Because little nature enthusiasts turn into big nature enthusiasts! … which makes it all worthwhile! Thanks for reading, I you think I forgot something or if you simply want to share a story or some advice, feel free to leave your comment below. Be safe and happy family camping.!

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